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This manual contain answers to frequently asked questions


Flashphoner-client and Flashphoner-server must be installed on the same server?

No. You can copy Flashphoner-client to any web-server and edit flashphoner.xml to set IP of your server. Flashphoner-server may be installed to separated server.
Moreover, it is recommended to install Flashphoner-server to separated hardware or VPS server.


How to move license from on server to another (or if you change hardware and your serverid was changed)

When you move Flashphoner installation to other server or when you change your hardware significantly -
your flashphoner.serverid will change. And old license will not work more on your server. 
To resolve that problem, you can order update license from our support department.

We will need that info from you:

  1. Send us your existing license key and server_id of old server
  2. Send us server_id of your new server (check what is server_id)

Then we will block your existing license and send you new license generated with help of your new server_id.
Please write us to with any questions

How to get Flashphoner 30-days Trial license (full featured)

Send us

  1. Company / individual name
  2. server_id

And we will send you Flashphoner trial key

How to purchase Flashphone license

  1. Go to Prices page
  2. Choose your license kind
  3. Click "Buy"
  4. You will be redirected to payment gateway
  5. Here you need fill the order form  (Server_id / Name / Email / Phone etc. Note: Before purchasing you need install Flashphoner on your server to get server_id. More info about server_id)
  6. Then you can make checkout using one of payment methods (PayPal / VISA etc)
  7. During 15 minutes you will receive license key to your mailbox
  8. You can use Flashphoner from that moment.

Is Flashphoner license one time fee?

Flashphoner license is one time fee.
That mean once you have bought license - you can use it forever.

Only restriction is for next updates.
After purchasing new license you can update your server
to new versions during 6 months for free, and then updates
will be paid (50% from your current license cost)


How to find video resolution in *.pcap logs

  1. Filter all packets by "h264" or "h263" filter
  2. Find packet with "Sequence parameter set" in title (usually first or second in queue)
  3. Open it
  4. Go to "H.264" section
  5. Go to "H264 bitstream" section
  6. Find "pic_width_in_mbs_minus1" parameter
  7. Add 1 to value of this parameter and multiply result to 16 - this is width of your picture
  8. Find "pic_height_in_map_units_minus1"
  9. Add 1 to value of this parameter and multiply result to 16 - this is height of your picture



How many calls can Flashphoner handle

Our tests shows that one Flashphoner server like 2 processors (2-3gHz), 4 core per CPU, 8GB RAM
can handle 300-350 calls for Flash Player 11 or 100-150 calls for Flash Player 10.
For tests we used audio calls with G711 codec.


Does Flashphoner works under NAT?

That mean you can make calls if your Flashphoner server located under NAT.
There are two conditions
- Sevrer where Flashphoner located must have statis external IP, and that ip must be specified in the (parameter ip)
- NAT must works properly and routes packets from Flashphoner to VOIP server forth and back properly. 

Does Flashphoner supports STUN?

No, at the moment we do not support STUN server, but that feature will be added, when some significant number of our customers will request it.
We suppose it will be in 2012 Q2.

Does Flashphoner server handle Flash Player disconnects properly?

- When you close the browser, flash sends disconnect to Flashphoner server and it then send disconnect to VOIP server.
- When your browser crashes/kills - Flashphoner server kill session with Flash Player by timeout, and send unregitser to VOIP server again,

How to autologin user in Flashphoner when he login to my website

See Autologin feature for more info

I have JDK_HOME installation problem

See more info in the installation section

How to start development with Flashphoner?

See Developer Guide for more info

How to integrate Flashphoner with my software?

Check this info:# Flashphoner is the server module (Java) + client module (Flex)

  1. Server module can be easy integrated with any databases through JDBC (user accounts, billing etc.). 
    1. Take the Flashphoner-server source
    2. Change it to work with your software
  2. Client  module can be easy intagrated with any website like usually flash app
    1. Take the Flashphoner-client source
    2. Change it to work with your software

See Developer Guide for more info about sources

How to integrate Flashphoner with a VoIP provider (SIP server)?

Check this info:

Integration cases and schemes

There are four integration cases:
A. You are VoIP provider (or you have own PBX like Asterisk).
B. You are not VoIP provider and you have to use external SIP accounts.
C. Your users makes only outgoing calls (Example: click2call, can not receive calls)
D. Your users makes outgoing and incoming calls (Example: webphone, can receive calls)

So, we have 4 integration schemes:

  1. A + C
  2. A + D
  3. B + C
  4. B + D
Scheme #4

Lets consider scheme 4:

B. You are not VoIP provider and you have to use external SIP accounts.
D. Your users makes outgoing and incoming calls (Example: webphone, can receive calls)

You will need to integrate Flash-SIP calls through 3rd party VoIP provider.
This calls will have internal billing implementing, based on your VoIP provider billing scheme.

For the calls processing (accept calls, reject calls with Not enough money message) you will need this info:
You will need get information about

  • User's balance
  • Call's cost

You will need to do 4 steps:

  1. Agree cost and balance headers with your SIP-provider.

    Flashphoner uses such SIP header names by default:
    cost - cost of outgoing call per minute. VoIP provider SHOULD set this header value in SIP RINGING 180, SESSION_PROGRESS 183 or or TRYING 100 responses.
    balance - current balance of the SIP-account. VoIP provider SHOULD set this header value in SIP OK 200 response for REGISTER request. Or in SIP RINGING 180, SESSION_PROGRESS 183 or or TRYING 100 responses.


    1. Flash-client connects to Flashphoner server.
    2. Flashphoner server receives balance $100 from VoIP provider and synchronizes this value with internal database.
    3. Flash-client initiates outgoing call. 
    4. Flashphoner server checks current user balance, receives call cost from VoIP provider, sets up internal cost call and writes off cash from internal user balance.
    You can check if your VoIP provider configured ** and ** support. For this just make one call through this provider and send us tcpdump log of this.
    If your SIP provider suggests other ways providing cost and balance info, please contact us to and we will help you.
  2. Create stack of SIP-accounts.

    You register 1000 SIP accounts manually or automatically.
    Or you have a contract with SIP provider - to provide this stack of accounts.

    You keep the SIP-accounts in the internal database. (login, password, balance and other nesessary fields).

  3. Implement internal billing.

    Say, you bill $0.05 per call minute for your clients.
    You should implement call timer in the server-side.

  4. Do some client-side and server-side work for integration.

    There are open-source client side and open-source server side code to accomplish it.
    See developer guide for more info.
    Please, see settings below used for integration with VoIP provider. See configure section also.

    • Main - domain, outbound_proxy
      In the config, you need specify domain and outbound_proxy of your SIP-provider
      This configured Flashphoner to work only with your provider.
      Or you can leave this parameters blank and send parameter sip_proxy every time from the client side.
      This way will allow you work with different operators at one time
    • Additional - cost, balance
      Flashphoner try to get data about call cost and account balance from SIP responses headers.
      Name of headers which Flashphoner check, configured also in the config.
      This parameters are:
      balance_header   =balance
      cost_header      =cost

      You need agreed this parameters with you provider or configure it on your SIP proxy.

How to make 1-to-1 and 1-to-many video conferences?

Flashphoner supports only one-to-one SIP audio video conversation.
(One-to-many and many-to-many SIP-conversations are not supported)
In spite of this you can get one-to many or many-to-many Flash-SIP conferences right now, if you will use conference bridge on the VoIP server side.
(Check audio conference example in our blog).
Also please note, that using Flashphoner do not prevent you make (at the same time, in the same application) Flash-to-Flash many-to-many conferences.
So even if you will not making many-to-many sip-conference via conference bridge on the VoIP server, you can use many-to-many Flash-Flash conferences coupled with one-to-one Flash-SIP conversations.

What is the better for website - FLASH or JAVASCRIPT phone?

Please check this comparison table || Parameter || Flash || JavaScript ||

What experience need Flash/Flex JS, CSS
What dev environment need FLash/Flex builder Text editor
How quickly app loading on the page Medium Quick
How easy to make simple design Easy Easy
How easy to make beauty design
Easy Hard
Ability to spread app across the page +

What is the "Serverid"?

Server ID is the unique identificator of your server, generated by Flashphoner during the installation.
You can find it in the file flashphoner.serverid located in the /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/ folder.

Does Flashphoner support SilverLight?

No.In the near future support for Silverlight is not expected.
At the moment SilverLight 4 has no built-in codecs and protocols allows make two-way streaming audio/video data to server and back to client.
SmoothStreaming technology is only used for one-way publishing audio/video.
So two-way communication requires using time-consuming technology of compression and transfering audio/video streams.
There are libraries for .Net, which can pinch the audio and video to send data via the RTP protocol.
At the moment we have no plans in the near introduction these libraries.

How to use swf client locally

There are two ways using client-application: 

  1. HTTP - you request .html or swf file in browser from remote web-server
  2. Local - you open .html or swf file from local file system

When used  local application, Adobe Flash Player prohibits access of swf application to the local file system, following it's security policy.
Thus swf application can not get access for reading the local flashphoner.xml config. You should permit access using settings of Adobe Flash Player.

Open phone.html -> Right-click on swf object -> Global Settings -> Advanced -> Trusted Location Settings -> Add folder (where Phone.html located)


Start->Control Panel-->System and security -->Flash Plaeyr -->Advanced --> Trusted Location Settings --> Add folder (where PhoneJS.html located)


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