This is documentation for Web Call Server 3.x

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Flashphoner Web Call Server Documentation


In the Downloads section you can download our latest releases, patches and source codes for patches.
Also, you can see links to the javadoc, client asdoc and API asdoc for each release.

User guide

The User guide section is intended for first acquaintance with the Flashphoner product.
Here you can check the Overview section, which contains general information about Flashphoner.
Please check the Specification for more detailed technical information and read Quick start to learn how to get calls on your site.

Admin guide

The Admin guide contains information about the administration of Flashphoner. 
Here you can find how to properly Install the latest version of Flashphoner.
In the Configuring section, you can find how to configure Flashphoner server and client parameters, and how to configure Flashphoner logs.
The* *Tuning section will help you to fine tune to have the highest quality of video and audio.

Developer guide

The* *Developer guide contains detailed technical information about Flashphoner's internal structure.
There are several video tutorials - how to build sources, deploy and customize applications.
Also, you can find server-side architecture descriptions and UML diagrams.


The* *Support section is intended to assist you to solve any problems.
Here you can see our FAQ and on our Reporting page, read how to report problems.


The* *Features section describes all functions supported by Flashphoner.


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