This is documentation for Web Call Server 3.x

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Installing Flashphoner WCS bundle

Hostname issue

Server may not start properly due a hostname issue.

For example your hostname is:


In such an instance, you need to add the hostname to /etc/hosts localhost

Bundle types

Starting from Web Call Server 3.0, there are two types of software bundles:

  • Bundle with WCS, WCS client and JDK
  • Bundle with WCS and WCS client

The bundle with JDK included also has an installation script. It is ideal for quick installations, when you do not have JDK installed and want to try Web Call Server rapidly. Steps to install:

  • Download bundle, you can get it here. Make sure you are downloading the bundle with "JDK" in it's name
  • Untar bundle archive
    $ tar -zxf WCS3-Client-Server-JDK-3.0.XXX-3.0.XXX.tar.gz
  • Enter bundle archive and customize install.cfg
    $ cd WCS3-Client-Server-JDK-3.0.XXX-3.0.XXX
    $ vi install.cfg
  • Start installation script
    $ ./
  • Follow install script instructions.
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