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This manual consist general information about Flashphoner product.

What is it?

  • Flashphoner – Web Call Server

    This is a server-side software which provides communication between Adobe Flash Player applications and any VoIP server.
    It allows you to create your own flashphones and click2call button services.
    Flashphoner allows you establish any Flash-VoIP communications or made full-functional flashphone.
    There are Flashphoner-WCS-client (open source ) in the Download pack.

    Flashphoner is a software, not a service
  • Flashphoner server functions

    Server written partly in Java, partly in C

    • Connect RTMFPVoIP severs via SIP protocol
    • Support audio codecs - Speex, G.711, G.729
    • Support video codecs - H.263, H.264
    • Support DTMF
    • Support Hold and Transfer
    • Support IM chatting via SIP MESSAGE
  • Flashphoner client equipment

    Client written in Javascript, Flex/ActionScript 3. It is open source and free.

    • Flashphone - written in Javascript, Flex/ActionScript 3

Why we need it?

You can use Flashphoner for creating one of this products:

  • Corporate

    • Call- and Contact- centers
    • Virtual PBX
    • Autoinformer
    • IVR
    • Audioconferencing
  • Advertising

    • Click-to-Call banners
    • CallMe-for-free buttons for yellow pages
  • Internet services

    • Webphone on site
    • Desktop Adobe AIR softphone
    • Social Networks phone apps
    • Voice and video mail
  • Interactive broadcasting

    • E-learning – seminars and lections by phone
    • Internet-TV – running commentary by phone
    • Internet-TV/Radio Games – players calls from mobile

How it works?

Call goes this way
Flash client ↔ Flashphoner server ↔ VoIP server ↔ SIP client

  • Flash client

    • Flash client is Javascript, Flex/Flash application
    • It uses RTMFP protocol for signaling and mediastreaming
    • It supports G.711, Speex and Sorenson spark codecs
    • It can be - Webphone, Click2Call, Interactive Banner, Conference room or any rich application.
    • You can use default Flashphoner client or your own application
  • Flashphoner server

    • It receives data from Flash client and transfer it to VoIP server
    • It uses RTMFP protocol for communication with Flash client
    • It uses SIP protocol for communication with VoIP server
    • It supports Speex, G.711, G.729, H.263, H.264 codecs
  • VoIP server

    • VoIP server is the IP PBX
    • It can be software or hardware
      • Software - Asterisk, Trix-box, Yate, CommunigatePro, OpenSIPs, Cisco Call Manager...
      • Hardware - Avaya, Cisco ...
    • It receives info from Flashphoner server and transfer it to the SIP client
    • It can be installed on the same physical server where Flashphoner is
    • It can be your own, or belong to some VoIP operator
    • It must be configured properly
      (for example allow to register sip accounts etc...)
  • SIP client

    • This is the phone
    • It can be standart, software or hardware
      • Standart - any landline or mobile phone
      • Software - Bria, EyeBeam, Linphone, Mirial Softphone, Zoiper, Ekiga, 
      • Hardware - Cisco, Tanderberg, SNOM, Grandstream, ipDialog ...
    • It must support SIP protocol
    • it must support Speex Wideband or G.711 or G.729 codecs to voice talk
    • It must support H.263 or/and H.264 codec to video talk


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