This is documentation for Web Call Server 3.x

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Quick start

This manual consist info about how to quick start with Flashphoner.

First of all we recommend you make the test call through Flashphoner widget.
Use SIP accounts of any voip operator for loggining and make the calls.

Then you can start use Flashphoner on your server.

Flashphoner contains server-side and client-side module. You should install server-side module, then client-side module.

  1. Prepare environment
  2. Download and install latest server-side release Flashphoner-WebCallServer-3.0.X.Y.tar.gz.
  3. Unpack client archive Flashphoner-WCS-client-3.0.X.tar.gz and copy to your web directory. Then change server IP in flashphoner.xml file. It should look like: *<wcs_server></wcs_server>
  4. Shutdown firewall, or open port 1935 UDP and 8080 TCP and [port_from,port_to] UDP and [media_port_from,media_port_to] UDP. See
  5. Start server using


  6. Open PhoneJS.html page, installed in 3. Start make the calls!
  7. If you start client from local file system, please read: How to use swf client locally
  8. Send support request if anything is wrong
    - On the forum
    - Via mail


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