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This manual consist info about Flashphoner technical specifications and requirements.

Specification details

Specification describes protocols and data formats supported by Flashphoner.

SIP 2.0 rfc3261
RTP rfc3550
SDP rfc4566
RTMFP RTMFP(Realtime Media Flow Protocol) protocol for peer-server-peer connection
Transfer, Hold RFC 3515 
Instant Messaging RFC 3428 
Codecs Audio
- Speex wideband 16Khz
- G.711 alaw 
- G.711 ulaw
- G.729A

- H.263 QCIF (176x144)
- H.264 Baseline 3.0 (640x480)
- Sorenson spark (Flash to Flash calls) 
Formats Audio
- annexb=no
- ptime:20
- ptime:30

Flash player Adobe Flash Player 11 and higher
Client platform Flex
Server platform Java, C


  1. Hardware

    • Quad core CPU 2.5Ghz (2 Quad core CPUs would better)
    • 4 GB RAM and higher (8-16GB would better)
    • 100 Mbps ethernet card
  2. Software for development

    • Linux x86_64, x86 (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora)
    • JDK 1.7+
    • gcc
    • make
  3. Software for production

    • All listed above
    • Dedicated server only (without virtualization)
    • Server Linux version only (not desktop with graphical interface)
    • X86_64 architecture
    • High Resolution Timer and HZ=1000 kernel settings recommended
There is a known problem with Ubuntu 11.10 distr. Please, use other distrs like CentOS, Debian, e.t.c
We use x86_64 CentOS6 for quality and performance testsing. We tested Flashphoner with CentOS 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 6.0, 6.3.
To do our support more effective, please use x86_64 CentOS if it possible.
If you have strong Linux administrative skills, you can use any distributive.


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