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Please provide us info below. As full as possible.

To Get Quick Support

The fast way to resolve an issue - is provide us access to your server and instructions how to reproduce the issue in your environment.

1. Root access to the testing server

We recommend you to have a testing server (VPS or dedicated), which you can share with us for support purposes.

2. Two SIP accounts

Please provide us 1-2 SIP accounts and instructions how to reproduce an issue in your environment

3. URL of default flashphoner client

We will reproduce the issue with default Flashphoner client

4. Full issue description.

To Get Support

Note, it may take some additional time to resolve issue without server access.

1. Product configs and logs




Please zip and send us these dirs if you can not provide us access to the server.

2. Traffic dump

If you can reproduce an issue in your environment, please send us traffic dump captured from the Flashphoner server.

#tcpdump -s 4096 -w log.pcap

If you have installed Asterisk and Flashphoner on the same machine, please provide us such dump with localhost captured traffic:

#tcpdump -i any -s 4096 -w log.pcap

3. Full issue description.

To get support, you can either send mail to
or submit support ticket via web-interface

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