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h3. Admin guide

The *[*Admin guide*|http://]* contains information about Flashphoner administration. the administration of Flashphoner. 
Here you can find how to properly [*Install*|Installation] the latest version of Flashphoner.
In the [*Configuring*|Configuring] section, you can find how to configure Flashphoner server and client parameters, and how to configure Flashphoner logs.
The* \**[FP512:Tuning]* section will help you to fine tune to have the highest quality of video and audio.

h3. Developer guide

The* \**[Developer guide|Developer guide]* contains detailed technical information about Flashphoner's internal structure.
There are several video tutorials - how to build sources, deploy and customize applications.
Also, you can find server-side architecture descriptions and UML diagrams.
h3. Support

The* \**[Support|Support - Old]* section is intended to assist you to solve any problems.
Here you can see our [*FAQ*|FAQ] and on our [*Reporting*|Support - Old] page, read how to report problems.

h3. Features

The* \**[Features]* section describes all functions supported by Flashphoner.