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Possible values

ValueCaption placement
TOP_LEFTTop left corner
TOP_CENTERTop center
TOP_RIGHTTop rightcorner
CENTERIn a picture center
BOTTOM_LEFTBottom left corner (by default)
BOTTOM_CENTERBottom center
BOTTOM_RIGHTBottom right corner
EXTERNAL_TOP_CENTERCenterd above a picture
EXTERNAL_BOTTOM_CENTERCentered below a picture

By default, captions are placed in bottom left corner of a picture frame.


Since build 5.2.965, audio only stream also will not be displayed if this parameter is used

Since build 5.2.1359, the parameter mixer_show_separate_audio_frame affects stream in mixer displaying when audio data are received before video. In this case, a frame with speech indicator will be displayed for such stream when default settings are used, then video will be displayed after first video data receiving. If the following parameter is set

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then speech indicator frame will not be displayed until video data arrive.

Frame colour

Since build 5.2.741 speech indicator frame colour can be changed with the following parameter