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Restart WCS.

34. Open Conference application. Enter user name Alice to "Login" field and click 'Join'. The streamd from user Alice will be published:

45. Copy room link from "Invite" field:

56. Go to room link in new browser window.  Enter user name Bob to "Login" field and click 'Join'. The stream from Alice will be played, and stream from Bob will be published:

67. Click 'Leave' at user Bob window to leave the room. Click 'Leave' at user Alice window to finish the conference.

78. Stream record files are placed to /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/records directory:


User Bobs' file is less then user Alices' one because Bobs' file has empty video in the beginning for futher synchronization. Download record files to PC and play them.

89. Video stream from Alice is published, Bob has not enter to the room yet:

910. Video stream from Bob is published: