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For example, a test server on Amazon EC2 has the external IP address of:, and the network interface address is: If your server is behind NAT in regard to browser clients, write down or copy these IP addresses. You will need them later, when you will configure the server.

Automatic and semi-automatic IP addresses detection

Since build 5.2.921, WCS tries to automatically detect server IP addressess on startup if they are not set, or server is starting in cloud environment supporting AWS API or Google Cloud API endpoints. If IP addresses cannot be detected on startup, it may be done manually using the following command

Code Block
cd /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/bin
sudo ./webcallserver set-ip

This command:

  • tries to detect IP addresses automatically;
  • if this cannot be done, asks user for additional data
  • writes results to file

It is recommended to use this command if there are some problems with IP addresses detection behind NAT.