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Solution: download recording file to device and play it in local player application

10. Recording file is not created when publishing RTMP audio only stream with default settings

Symptoms: audio only RTMP stream published to WCS is not recording

Solution: use SDP settings file flash_handler_publish.sdp without video track

Code Block
o=- 1988962254 1988962254 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 97 8 0 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110
a=rtpmap:97 SPEEX/16000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:102 mpeg4-generic/48000/1
a=rtpmap:103 mpeg4-generic/44100/1
a=rtpmap:104 mpeg4-generic/32000/1
a=rtpmap:105 mpeg4-generic/24000/1
a=rtpmap:106 mpeg4-generic/22050/1
a=rtpmap:107 mpeg4-generic/16000/1
a=rtpmap:108 mpeg4-generic/12000/1
a=rtpmap:109 mpeg4-generic/11025/1
a=rtpmap:110 mpeg4-generic/8000/1