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With this custom layout, mixer output stream for three input streams will look like:

Cropping pictures in custom layout

To crop a picture around a central point like CropNoPaddingGridLayout, use Box.fillParentNoScale() instead of Box.fillParent() method. The following example places two pictures by name with cropping around center:

Code Block
package com.flashphoner.mixerlayout;

// Import mixer layout interface
// Import YUV frame description
// Import Box class for picture operations
// Import MixerConfig class

// Import Java packages to use
import java.awt.*;
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class SideBySideLayout implements IVideoMixerLayout {
    // Owner's stream name
    private static final String USERFOR = "user_for";
    // Challenger's stream name
    private static final String USERAGAINST = "user_against";

     * Function to compute layout, will be called by mixer before encoding output stream picture
     * This example computes grid layout
     * @param yuvFrames - incoming streams raw pictures array in YUV format
     * @param strings - incoming streams names array
     * @param canvasWidth - mixer output picture canwas width
     * @param canvasHeight - mixer output picture canwas heigth
     * @return array of pictures layouts
    public Layout[] computeLayout(YUVFrame[] yuvFrames, String[] strings, int canvasWidth, int canvasHeight) {
        // This object represents mixer canvas
        Box mainBox = new Box(null, canvasWidth, canvasHeight);

        // Container to place CHALLENGER stream pictures
        Box userForContainer = new Box(mainBox, canvasWidth / 2, canvasHeight);
        // Container to place OWNER stream pictures
        Box userAgainstContainer = new Box(mainBox, canvasWidth / 2, canvasHeight);

        // Iterate through incoming stream pictures array
        for (int c = 0; c < yuvFrames.length; c++) {
            String name = strings[c];
            Box container;
            // Chhose container depending on stream name
            if (name.contains(USERFOR)) {
                container = userForContainer;
            } else if (name.contains(USERAGAINST)) {
                container = userAgainstContainer;
            } else {
                // Wrong stream name
            // Fill the container by the stream picture
            Box frameBox = Box.computeBoxWithFrame(container, yuvFrames[c]);
        // Prepare an array to return layout calculated
        ArrayList<IVideoMixerLayout.Layout> layout = new ArrayList<>();
        // Calculate mixer layout
        // Return the result
        return layout.toArray(new IVideoMixerLayout.Layout[layout.size()]);        
     * The function for internal use. Must be overriden.
    public void setConfig(MixerConfig mixerConfig) {

Mixer layout management while creating mixer