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Purpose and operation flowchart

Test stand is intended to deploy a separate WCS server or CDN in docker containers to test the following:

  • WCS functions
  • media streams distribution in planned CDN configuration
  • Backend interaction (backend containers should be deployed according to specific test case)

In addition to WCS nodes, RTMP publishing container may be deployed to publish RTMP streams to stand Origin servers from media files specified using ffmpeg

Thestand can be deployed in docker default brige network, in this case IP addresses are set dinamically to all the containers, and CDN settings may be formed automatically. However, for deep testing WCS configuration files should be defined for every WCS node, and container IP addresses should be static. In this case, the separate docker network can be created.

While launching the stand, SSH access into the containers can be configured using private key, this allows to manage containers using Ansible for example. In this case, the containers can be accessible not only from docker host, but also from outside, the routing must be set accordingly on access points.

Known issues

1. The stand can be deployed only on Linux Docker host while WCS works only in Linux environment.

2. Currently, only the WCS environment is integrated into stand docker images, WCS builds are downloaded into containers using product links defined. Build archives downloaded are cached.

3. WCS license shoud be set for every WCS node.

4. The stand is not recommended to use for load testing purposes because Docker host perfomance will be decisive in this case.

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