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To launch the stand, the following command should be executed

sudo ./wcs-stand start all

The stand can be partially launched if necessary. For example, to launch CDN nodes only, use the command

sudo ./wcs-stand start cdn

Also, certain node names can be listed

sudo ./wcs-stand start o-test1 e-test1 ffmpeg

CDN launch with stream publishing

sudo ./wcs-stand start cdn ffmpeg


To stop the stand use the following command

sudo ./wcs-stand stop all

If certain nodes are launched, they can be stopped

sudo ./wcs-stand stop e-test1


Stand starting and stopping log is written to wcs-stand.log file. Logging level can be set to verbose with -v parameter if necessary:

sudo ./wcs-stand -v start all

Specified nodes restart

A specified node can be restarted when the stand is working (for example, to update node configuration or WCS build). In this case, Docker container will be recreated. For example, RTMP publisher node can be restarted as follows to change media files published:

sudo ./wcs-stand stop ffmpeg
sudo ./wcs-stand start ffmpeg

Note if Origin node was restarted, RTMP publisher node should be also restarted to renew stream publishing to this Origin.

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