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By default, media data within CDN are transferred by WebRTC using UDP at transport level. In WCS builds before 5.2.1103 the transport protocol can be changed to TCP by setting the following parameter on all the CDN servers


In this case, clients will also connect via TCP to Origin and Edge servers by default. This helps to reduce packet loss and UDP bandwidth problems, but may give additional delays.

Since build 5.2.1103 it is possible to switch transport protocol within CDN regardless of the transport used by publishing and playing clients


To switch to TCP transport, use the following parameter on all the CDN servers


The modern Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol based on UDP with additional data transerf reliability features is also supported. This protocol is more packe loss resistant than UDP and provides a less delays than TCP. Set the following parameter on al the CDN servers to use SRT


If a server trying to get a stream does not support SRT yet (older build), or SRT is disabled on it, default UDP transport will be used.

Choosing a media transport protocol within CDN using a different server settings

If media transport settings are different on servers in one CDN, then the protocol will be chosen by the server pulling the stream.

For example, if Origin server has


but Transcoder and Edge both have


then both Transcoder and Edge will pull the stream from Origin server using TCP transport protocol.

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