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cdn acl-addcdn acl-add test key1 key2 key3Set ACL keys to certain stream
cdn acl-deletecdn acl-delete testClear ACL keys from certain stream

cdn acl-print

cdn acl-print test

Show ACL keys for certain stream

cdn acl-removecdn acl-remove test key1Remove the selected ACL keys from certain stream
cdn enforce-statecdn enforce-state PASSIVEExplicitly set current CDN node state
cdn profile-printcdn profile-printShow transcoding profiles set on this CDN node
cdn profile-removecdn profile-remove -240pRemove the transcoding profile from this CDN node
cdn show-nodescdn show-nodesShow CDN nodes visible from this node
cdn show-statecdn show-stateShow this CDN node state
cdn show-routecdn show-route testShow stream routes visible from this CDN node
cdn show-routescdn show-routesShow active CDN stream routes

connection debug-add

connection debug-add -a client debug logs for this IP address
connection debug-removeconnection debug-remove -a client debug logs for this IP address
connection debug-cleanupconnection debug-cleanupEnable client debug logs for all IP addresses
connection debug-showconnection debug-showShow IP addresses list for which client debug logs recording is enabled
stream findstream find --name test --published trueFind the stream by criteria
stream find-allstream find-allShow all the streams on this server
stream record-metrics-startstream record-metrics-start --rate 5000 6c5c6130-43d5-11ea-a6d3-6d75c77a1030Start stream metrics recording
stream record-metrics-stopstream record-metrics-stop 6c5c6130-43d5-11ea-a6d3-6d75c77a1030Stop stream metrics recording
stream record-startstream record-start --template {streamName}-{startTime} --rotation 10 6c5c6130-43d5-11ea-a6d3-6d75c77a1030Start stream recording
stream record-stopstream record-stop 6c5c6130-43d5-11ea-a6d3-6d75c77a1030Stop stream recording
stream show-metricsstream show-metrics --streamName testStreamShow metrics of the stream published with the name, or a stream with the specified mediaSessionId
stream terminatestream terminate 6c5c6130-43d5-11ea-a6d3-6d75c77a1030Stop stream playback or publishing on this server