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Switching to your own web server

By default, all REST queries follow to the local address: http://localhost:8081/apps/EchoApp

The invocations of REST methods look as follows then:

  • http://localhost:8081/apps/EchoApp/connect
  • http://localhost:8081/apps/EchoApp/playStream
  • http://localhost:8081/apps/EchoApp/publishStream

and so on.

This happens because the appKey=defaultApp parameter is sent when connection to the WCS server, and the default app for this key is this URL: http://localhost:8081/apps/EchoApp


 To change these settings, enter to the command line interface of the WCS server core via SSH:

ssh -p 2001 admin@localhost

Use the password you have specified when installing WCS.

The standard password is: admin

Upon successful authorization, WCS creates a command line:


You can execute the show apps command to see the current applications:

%show apps

Or enter the help command to display the list of available commands:


Then, we create our own REST URL. It is created using the add app command.

Suppose, we allocated the following address on the web server for REST methods:


and so on.

So we configure this as follows:

%add app myApp myAppKey ""

This command creates a new URL,, and assigns this URL for usage if a client sent the appKey=’myAppKey’ during connection.

Therefore, if the newly created myAppKey is specified while creating the connection, the control is passed to the assigned URL


By default, server application is created without any REST methods, then methods should be added to application with the following command (connect for example):

%add app-rest-method MyAppKey connect

If backend server will handle all possible REST methods, then all methods should be added with the following command:

%add app-rest-method -a MyAppKey