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Media traffic ports range is set using the following parameters in file


By default, only even ports will be used from this range, in this case, 499 ports are available.

Two media ports are used per one WebRTC connection if client does not support RTP bundle or this feature is desibled on server side


Therefore, one port is used by default for WebRTC stream publishing/playing in modern browsers.

Using odd WebRTC media ports

Since build 5.2.763, medai ports range can be expanded if necessary by using odd ports with the following parameter


There are some known limits in this case:

  • SIP calls do not work
  • ports are counted starting from the firts even value, i.e. if odd port is set to media_port_from, this port will not be used in media ports range
  • the port set to media_port_to will also not be used in media port range

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