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Preparing to the test

1. For this test we use:

  • the demo server at;
  • the Two Way Streaming web application to publish streams;
  • the Chrome browser and the REST client to send REST queries.
  • the Player web application to play the stream on the target WCS server.

Running a broadcast from a web camera to the WCS server

2. Open the Two-way Streaming application. Publish the broadcast, then copy the identifier of the stream:

Stream republishing configuration

3. Open the REST client. Send the /push/startup query to the WCS server specifying the identifier of the broadcast in the "streamName" parameter and the URL of the WCS server the stream is republished to in the "rtmpUrl" parameter:

Copy the identifier of the session identifier and the name of the stream republished to the WCS server from the query response:

Checking if the WCS server receives the stream

4. On the target WCS server open the Player application. Set the URL of the WCS server and the stream name from the previous step in the "Stream" field. Click "Play":

Stopping republishing

5. Send the /push/terminate query and specify the session identifier in the "mediaSessionId" parameter of the query:

The player stops displaying the picture, and there is the "FAILED" message in the bottom of the window: