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SIP as Stream calls audio recording

SIP call stream can be recorded in PCM format to WAV file. This feature can be enabled using the following parameter


A SIP call will be recorded if:

  • transcoding is enabled on server

Any SIP calls recording

Since build 5.2.1921 any SIP calls audio recording function is restored. Audio is recording in PCM format to WAV container. This feature may be enabled with the following parameter


SIP calls audio is recorded to the folder. Incoming and outgoing audio streams are recorded separately, and the files are mixed after stopping the call:

-rw-r--r-- 1 flashphoner flashphoner  176364 May 17 09:03 10006-1001-2024-05-17-09-03-08-93587a30-13f1-11ef-9124-f163a8723055-11-in.wav
-rw-r--r-- 1 flashphoner flashphoner 1073324 May 17 09:03 10006-1001-2024-05-17-09-03-08-93587a30-13f1-11ef-9124-f163a8723055-11-out.wav
-rw-r--r-- 1 flashphoner flashphoner 1073644 May 17 09:03 10006-1001-2024-05-17-09-03-08-93587a30-13f1-11ef-9124-f163a8723055-11.WAV


  • the file with -in suffix - the incoming audio record
  • the file with -out suffix - the outgoing audio record
  • the file without suffixes - the mixed recording

The setting


keeps incoming and outgoing files, and the setting


removes them and keeps only the mixed file.

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