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Initially, logging in to the control panel via the console is available for the administrator only. The administrator can manage all parameters himself or add other users and give them appropriate permissions to perform these operations.


A user has the following fields:

  • username
  • password

A user can own applications created in the system. Also, a user has the "active" flag. With this flag, ability of that user to connect to the console can be put on hold if necessary.

Managing users is done using the commands

  • show users
  • add user
  • remove user
  • update user
  • passwd

See Complete list of commands.

show users

The command is used to show existing users. Parameters:
[-d | --detail] enable detailed output
[-a | --active] show only active users


show users -d -a

add user

The command is used to add a user to the system. Parameters:
<username> the new name of the user, required
<password> the password of the user, required


add user alice passw0rd_for_alice
add user bob bobs_password

update user

The command is used to modify user data. Parameters:
[-a | --active] user status, true or false
<username> user name, required

update user -a false alice


Used to change the password. Parameters:
<username> the user name you want to change the password, optional parameter


passwd alice

remove user

Used to remove a user from the system. A user cannot be removed if he owns an application. Parameter:
<username> the name of the user to remove, required


remove user bob


Add a new user

Adding the user, bob

add user bob bobsPassword
show users

Deactivate user

Users' data remain intact ffter deactivation, but the user cannot log in to the system

update user -a false jon
show users -d