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You can test if WCS operates properly using the web interface. In your browser open the link: https://<domain name or server address>:8888/, for instance

Since by default WCS uses simple generated certificates, a browser shows a warning that the security certificate used by the WCS server is not known to the browser, nor to the operating system.

Depending on what browser is used, either confirm opening this address or add a security exception for this address.

Upon the first log in WCS asks for the admin password, then opens up the authorization page

Then, the main page of the WCS web interface is displayed. The page contains applications to test various functions of the server. By default, the Embed Player app opens

Select "Two-Way Streaming". The corresponding web application opens:

Click the Connect button and then the Publish button to check if the stream from the web camera is published.

Click Play to check if the stream is played from the server

Server logs must display corresponding lines about connected web client, broadcasting and playing of the stream.
All tests of the web interface come with WCS as well as individually as examples of usage of WCS Javascript API.

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