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OBS Studio is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

Quick manual on testing

1. For test we use:

  • WCS server
  • OBS Studio
  • Player web application in Chrome browser to stream playback

2. Set up RTMP strteaming to the server address, for example rtmp://, set the stream key obsStream:

3. Start streaming in OBS Studio:

4. Open Player application. Set the stream key in 'Stream' field and press 'Start' button. The stream captured playback begins.

Known issues

1. OBS Studio does no support KeepAlive.

Symptoms: disconnection occurs often while stream publishing with RTMP-encoder.

Solution: switch KeepAlive off for RTMP on the server using the following parameter in file


2. If RTMP stream is published from OBS using Nvidia GPU encoding, this stream may freeze when it is playing in Safari browser as WebRTC, or Safari browser may hang

Symptoms: stream playback freezes of browser hangs while playing RTMP stream as WebRTC in Safari browser

Solution: in OBS settings switch recording format from flv (by default) to mp4

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