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WCS server to backend server connection setup

To enable sending of metric values to backend server, the following parameter in flashphoner.propetries file should be set


To configure WCS to backend server connection, the following parameters in flashphoner.propetries file should be set



  • wcsoam_ip - backend server address
  • wcsoam_port - backend server port (7777 by default)
  • wcsoam_sha_salt - authentication key (should be the same as in backend server settings)

Node hostname setup

WCS sends to WCS OAM its IP address and hostname when establishing connection, to place those parameters to WCA OAM DB. By default, hostname is detected automatically as follows:

1. From HOSTNAME environment variable

2. From /etc/HOSTNAME file if environment variable is not defined

3. If both are not defined, IP address from WCS settings is used

If necessary, hostname to send to WCS OAM can be set with the following parameter


In this case system parameters of the node will not be changed, but hostname defined will be used when selecting data from WCS OAM DB.

Tuning of WCS interaction with backend server

Metric values to send to backend server are written to ring buffer in memory. This buffer size is set in kilobytes with the following parameter


Data are sent to backend server in chunks; the chunk size is 64 kilobytes by default and can be changed with the following parameter


Backend server connection attempts interval is set in milliseconds with the following parameter

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