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Playback codec configuration

By default, when H264 codec is used in browser to play WebRTC video stream, transcoding is enabled on server. To escape stream transcoding, either VP8 codec priority should be increased on server

Code Block

or H264 codec should be for playing WebRTC video stream is used the same video codec with which it is published (VP8), and transcoding on server is not performed.

To use H.264 codec for playback, VP8 can be excluded on browser side using WebSDK Web SDK stipCodecs option

Code Block
playStream = session.createStream({
    stripCodecs: "H264VP8"
}).on(STREAM_STATUS.PENDING, function (publishStream) {

If H.264 is used for playback, VP8 to H.264 transcoding is performed on server.

WebRTC transport setup

By default, OBS WebRTC Client publish a stream using UDP transport. To publish a stream using TCP transport, enable this protocol usage on server side