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The "Player" tab features the embedded stream player:

Stream history


The "Overview" section offer summary information about:

  • average stream publishing duration;
  • average subscribe duration;

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  • reasons for publishing termination;
  • reasons for subscribe termination;

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  • average duration of rebroadcast streams (push);
  • average subscribers to publishers ratio.

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The "Details" menu display the list of streams published/subscribed by WCS

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The table shows the following stream parameters:

  • Media session identifier
  • Stream name
  • Stream publishing/subscribe technology
  • Stream type: published, subscribed
  • Beginning of broadcast
  • End of broadcast
  • Session identifier
  • Parent media session identifier
  • Status
  • Reason for publishing/subscribe termination
  • Is the stream recorded

The list of stream history can be filtered:

  • by the specified period;
  • by stream type;
  • by status
  • by availability of the record

You can view details about the stream by clicking it in the table

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The "Description" tab additionally shows these parameters:

  • Broadcasting duration
  • URL of the server receiving broadcasting of this stream via RTMP
  • File name of the stream record, if the stream was recorded

On the "Charts" tab you can see graphical representation of stream parameters:

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  • NACK and PLi - the number of NACK and PLi packets
  • Video Bitrate
  • FPS - frames per second
  • Resolution - resolution of the frame
  • Audio Bitrate
  • Timecodes