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WCS5EN:Connecting from Java Mission Control
is a powerful monitoring and debugging tool for a Java-machine. JMC is shipped with JDK and is launched on the user's (administrator) computer.

1. Start Java Mission Control, select the 'File > Connect' menu. Enter the name of the WCS server you want to connect to, then specify the port number (by default, 50999):

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2. Click Test connection to test connection with the server:

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If the connection status is OK, click the Finish button. Otherwise, make sure the settings file has proper connection settings for monitoring, including the network address where the server is running, or the name of the node assigned to this address. Also, make sure non-local connections are allowed:

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3. In the left part of the JMC window select the just created connection, right-click it and select the 'Start JMX console' menu. As soon as connection is established and data are loaded, the overview of the Java-machine is displayed:

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WCS5EN:Connecting from Java Mission Control