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Table of Contents

Preparing to the test

1. For the test we use:

  • the demo server at;
  • the Two Way Streaming web application to publish streams;
  • the Chrome browser and the REST client to send REST queries.

Preparing to broadcasting to Facebook

2. Create live streaming in Facebook. Check the "Enable persistent stream key" option. Copy the URL of the server and the stream key from the Facebook page:

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3. In the WCS settings file,, comment the following line:

Code Block

Restart WCS.

Running a broadcast from a web camera to the WCS server

4. Open the Two-way Streaming app. Click the Connect button, then specify the stream key from Facebook under the "Local" window, and click Publish:

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Stream republishing configuration

5. Open the REST client. Send the /push/startup query to the WCS server, and in the query parameters specify the stream key in the "streamName" parameter and the Facebook server URL in "rtmpUrl":

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Checking if Facebook receives the stream

6. Open the Facebook page where the live invitation is located. Enter the live stream editing page:

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Include Page
WCS5EN:Republishing to Facebook
WCS5EN:Republishing to Facebook