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According to license agreement, all the technicall support is provided on Support forum Working hours of support engineers: workdays, 10:00-20:00 GMT+3.

How to get a support

If you cannot find an answer to your question in documentation, use the forum search page

If no answer found in search results, register on forum and create a topic where:

1. Describe your problem with the following details:

  • server use case (videochat, RTSP capturing from cameras, stream publishing to Facebook/Youtube etc)
  • signs of a problem (video quality drops, freezes occur while playing etc)
  • stream publishing source: desktop, mobile phone, with operating systme and browser vesrions
  • how stream is playing: desktop, mobile phone, with operating systme and browser vesrions
  • WCS version
  • SDK versions used: Web SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK
  • can the problem be reproduced in application examples out of the box, or in GitHub SDK examples

2. Describe your server configuration:

  • type and count of CPU cores, RAM and disk size
  • server type: physical, virtual (in what cloud)

3. If possible, provide some screenshots illustrating the problem. All the confidential information (IP addresses, license number etc) must be hidden.

When topic is created, a special button to send additional data will be available

If the problem is reproduced constsistently, collect an error report and send it using "Report" button. Also this button can be used to send a link to RTSP or RTMP stream, credentials to access your server and other information .

Support engineers will ask additional data to diagnose the problem if needed.

Providing support engineer access to your server

Sometimes the problem cannot be reproduced in test environment. In this case support engineers ask you to provide SSH access to the server. You can provide access by this public key

Support public key
ssh-rsa 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 support

SSH credentials (IP address, port and login) should be sent using "Report" button in you forum topic

You can also send your own private key if needed.

If you need IP address to be whitelisted, use the following address

Technical support IP address

Server setup request

If you have a trouble with server deployment, SSL certificates importing or primary configuration, you can request a presale by contacting You should provide the following:

  • your use case description
  • SSH access to the server
  • server domain name (must be already resolvable by DNS)
  • SSL certificates to this domain name
  • license key to activate
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