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Preparing to the test

1. For this test we use:

  • the demo server at;
  • the Two Way Streaming web application to publish streams;
  • the Chrome browser and the REST client to send REST queries.

Preparing to broadcasting to Azure Media Services

2. Create a live stream in the Azure interface (we assume you have created media services and storage already) by clicking "Quick create":

3. Copy the primary ingest URL (includes the name of the stream) from the channel settings page:

4. In the WCS settings file add the following lines:


Restart WCS.

Running a broadcast from a web camera to the WCS server

5. Open the Two-way Streaming web application. Click the Connect button, then set the stream name under the "Local" window, then click Publish:

Stream republishing configuration

6. Open the REST client. Send the /push/startup query to the WCS server specifying the name of the stream in the "streamName" parameter, and the recipient URL in the "rtmpUrl" parameter of the query:

Checking if Azure Media Services receives the stream

7. On the channel settings page in Azure, click "More" and in the dropdown list select "Preview". The player page is shown (Flash is required):

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