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In this case, sound will be encoded to PCMA (alaw) with sample rate 8 kHz.

Using custom


lossless videoprocessor for incoming streams handling

To handle mixer incoming streams, if additional bufferizing or audio and video tracks syncronizing is required for example, the custom losless lossless videoprocessor may be used. This feature is enabled with the following parameter in file


By default, maximum mixer buffer size is 200 ms. After filling this buffer, the custom losless lossless videoprocessor uses its own buffer and waits for mixer buffer freeing. The period of mixer buffer checking is set in milleseconds milliseconds with this parameter

Code Block

By default, the mixer buffer checking period is 20 ms.

Note that usng using the custom losless lossless videoprocessor may degrade realtime perfomance.

When custom losless lossless videoprocessor is used, it is necessary to stop mixer with REST query /mixer/terminate to free all consumed resources. Mixer can be stopped also by stopping all incaming incoming streams, in this case mixer will stop when following timeout in milliseconds expires


By default, three mixer output stream layouts are implemented:

1. Grid layoudlayout

This layout can be enabled with the following parameter in file


and works for input streams of equal resolution with thesame  the same  aspect ratio only

3. Desktop (screen sharing) layout


Then the class should be complied into byte code. To do this, create folder tree accordind according to TestLayout class package name