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If participant publishes more than one stream from camera, only the first published stream will be available at WCS side.

TURN support

A standard RTCPeerConnection object is used in browser to publish and play audio and video tracks, so this object should be configured properly to relay a media traffic via TURN server. For example, all the streams are published directly to  WCS instance in SFU Two Way Streaming example:


Code Block
pc = new RTCPeerConnection();

The code should be changed as follows to use a TURN server, for example, internal WCS TURN server:

Code Block
let connectionConfig = {
    iceServers: [
            urls: 'turn:wcs:3478?transport=tcp',
            credential: 'coM77EMrV7Cwhyan',
            username: 'flashphoner'
    iceTransportPolicy: "relay"
pc = new RTCPeerConnection(connectionConfig);


  • wcs - WCS server address;
  • flashphoner - WCS internal TURN server default username;
  • coM77EMrV7Cwhyan - WCS internal TURN server default password

In this case all the media traffic will pass through the WCS internal TURN server. This feature may be also used to wrap WebRTC traffic to TCP if the client has a bad channel, because WCS does not support TCP transport for SFU streams.

Known problems

1. A stream captured from a screen window simulcast publishing will crash Chrome browser tab on minimizing this window