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Since iOS SDK build 2.6.114, iOS SDK frameworks are available as Swift Package Manager packages:

There is Swift.remote.xcworkspace project in iOS SDK samples source code to show how to integrate SPM packages.

Building examples in Xcode 14 and newer with SPM packages

1. Download samples source code to Mac

git clone
cd wcs-ios-sdk-samples
git checkout 2.6

2. Open Swift.remote.xcworkspace in Xcode

3. All the needed frameworks are already added to the project:




4. Update frameworks to the latest versions using menu item File - Packages - Update to latest package versions 

This may take a time because FPWebRTC framework size is big enough (but this is not a "fat" framework though)

5. FPWCSApi2Swift and FPWebRTC are shipped as binary frameworks, and SocketRocketSPM is built from the source code, so Embed and Sign option should be chosen for SocketRocketSPM

6. Then signing options should be set up for application, and application may be built and installed to a device connected.

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