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iOS SDK 2.6 release notes

Build Date Ticket Notes Hash
2.6.127 19 Jun 2024 WCS-4158 Fixed: iOS SDK Emulator Crash on FPWCSApi2.getMediaAccess() c2f2d3f07e99e7e599d8065a883f9bef8e2c46cc
2.6.126 13 Jun 2024 WCS-4144 Added: iOS SDK: one publish, multiple play example. Docs: iOS MultiPlayer Swift 6578633fecc9005b43884cd47c9f18b650d71c08
2.6.125 16 May 2024 WCS-4140 Fixed: iOS SDK Crash app in SocketRocket if switching to background 6578633fecc9005b43884cd47c9f18b650d71c08
2.6.124 22 Mar 2024 WCS-4048 Added: iOS SDK: implement FPWCSApi2Call.setLoudSpeakerStatus method. Docs: iOS Phone 39e711fcbddd2104b2b96b35a62fb4eec042cb5d
2.6.122 15 Jan 2024 WCS-3995 Fixed: iOS SDK TWCC support 9ceeda37fbe6cec072045da48cf4c1bc01facdec
2.6.120 27 Dec 2023 WCS-4004 Fixed: iOS SDK: crash in RTCVideoTrack.removeRenderer ef4d30fc4e071dd6d91e7baed3db10043fd81c65
2.6.119 07 Dec 2023 WCS-3741 Fixed: iOS SDK: MediaDevicesSwift: Mic Level 0 7b4e29fe856eb4c91677de171c9654db53328f56
2.6.118 23 Nov 2023 WCS-3977 Fixed: iOS SDK: application may hang on disconnect when stream is in pending state 7b4e29fe856eb4c91677de171c9654db53328f56
2.6.117 23 Nov 2023 WCS-3739 Fixed: iOS SDK: GPUImageDemo: closed on attempt to publish b10dd241ee72a7d9d485b00e7d6677ddbec69294
2.6.116 17 Nov 2023 WCS-3738 Fixed: iOS SDK: MediaDevicesSwift: video constraints issues b10dd241ee72a7d9d485b00e7d6677ddbec69294
WCS-3742 Fixed: iOS SDK: TwoWayStreaming: playback stop after availability check
2.6.115 07 Nov 2023 WCS-3965 Fixed: iOS SDK: Test camera issue b10dd241ee72a7d9d485b00e7d6677ddbec69294
2.6.114 28 Jul 2023 WCS-3862 Swift package manager support. Docs: Swift Package Manager support 4cbca2e388b8d85bf3b853fee8c3b58f1cd0be1d
2.6.111 13 Mar 2023 WCS-3642 Fixed: iOS SDK: crash inside the SocketRocket library d82d0e4808b443a1adf1cd1b9890b6afecb16974
2.6.110 14 Feb 2023 WCS-3614 Added: iOS SDK: publishing/playback channel quality control. Docs: Publish/playback channel quality control 50ed5cfe4a00dbe1b0170fa55d93ade182eda4ea
2.6.105 31 Oct 2022 WCS-3618 Added: iOS SDK: arm64 simulator support to build on Mac M1. Docs: ARM64 architecture support to build on ARM based Mac b6b0f8520871b3b04355a5105eca9701b086896f
2.6.103 04 Oct 2022 WCS-3584 Fixed: iOS SDK: WCSStream.switchCamera does not work in GPUImageDemo Swift example 6fa39b02c90dd6656b934c80e875fcf37d7b0546
2.6.97 05 Jul 2022 WCS-3499 Added: iOS SDK publish to Cocoapods. Docs: Building with SDK from Cocoapods c29260e430f7e0fc66febaf793e4cf5f9f9f300f
2.6.95 29 Jun 2022 WCS-3526 Fixed: iOS SDK: FPWCSApi2.framework convert to xcframework. Docs: Overview / How to build examples using Xcode 10 and higher bf2c41400d18fdb5a708f7804e0f15d51f0075ca
2.6.92 27 Jun 2022 WCS-3517 Added: iOS SDK: remove JSONModel dependency c27aa1a2dde72d0673a042e24e4e761dd07e9872
2.6.86 17 Jun 2022 WCS-3485 Fixed: iOS SDK: low publish FPS in iOS 15.4.1. Docs: iOS SDK builds differences / Preparing examples for building / Nested framework issue workaround in builds before 2.6.86 99b4cb4d963fe54fec93cb37b4517f383f3bda87
2.6.82 20 May 2022 WCS-3443 Added: iOS SDK: capture system sound in Screen Capture example. Docs: iOS Screen Capturer Swift e443869cadd54867be21ab352deb4201c5260318
2.6.80 13 Apr 2022 WCS-3420 Added: iOS SDK: CallKit usage example. Docs: iOS Call Kit Demo Swift bc0ad3d9839aa32f7d1baa1b3205e103e0e34188
2.6.78 05 Apr 2022 WCS-3416 Added: iOS SDK: stripCodecs option support. Docs: iOS Media Devices Swift 9b0e73bc0966ef01804fc68c876098b31501c621
2.6.76 24 Feb 2022 WCS-3393 Added: iOS SDK: add keepAlive and authToken session options support. Docs: Connection to an existing session 263a4b8919668fbfd1a648c319d881c81cc0941d
2.6.73 14 Sep 2021 WCS-3193 Added: iOS SDK: GPUImageSwift example. Docs: iOS GPUImageDemo Swift dcd146d556bd02767b7ff02e99bd792182273bde
2.6.55 02 Aug 2021 WCS-3272 Fixed: iOS SDK: Add onStreamEvent logging. Docs: Receiving stream status after stream subscription dcd146d556bd02767b7ff02e99bd792182273bde
2.6.53 29 Jul 2021 WCS-3224 Added: iOS SDK: maxBitrate, minBitrate constraints for publishing. Docs: Publishing bitrate constraints support 9781e4ea503037fad0b62009be205116bb2e153c
2.6.51 20 Jul 2021 WCS-3207 Added: iOS SDK: Screen sharing example. Docs: iOS Screen Capturer Swift example 6c8ef11cd455bb9242d90219c1011b47c989983b
2.6.48 15 Jun 2021 WCS-3216 Added: iOS SDK: Stream.available() call support 6c8ef11cd455bb9242d90219c1011b47c989983b
2.6.46 10 Jun 2021 WCS-3186 Added: iOS SDK: WebView example 80d1003c8ac44b423a003ba297530750060c4ebd
2.6.45 02 Jun 2021 WCS-3184 Fixed: iOS SDK: StreamEvent cannot be received when RoomApi is used 80d1003c8ac44b423a003ba297530750060c4ebd
2.6.44 01 Jun 2021 WCS-3180 Added: iOS SDK: PNG overlay support while publishing a stream b3375a671e32eb6624b86c15b9b93a30ce417b0a
2.6.43 24 May 2021 WCS-3178 Added: iOS SDK: Video picture zooming while publishing a stream b3375a671e32eb6624b86c15b9b93a30ce417b0a
2.6.41 06 May 2021 WCS-3176 Fixed: audio/videoState validation issue with old WCS builds e74ca77753db593280a6b15a9cedc09a26d55572
2.6.40 04 May 2021 WCS-3139 Fixed: iOS SDK: MCU client example fb6afab73f7dfc08ffc9bd277a92d7b13ea16a38
2.6.37 27 Apr 2021 WCS-3087 Added: iOS SDK: RoomApi server response validation fb6afab73f7dfc08ffc9bd277a92d7b13ea16a38
2.6.36 26 Apr 2021 WCS-3154 Added: iOS SDK: Text message broadcasting to stream subscribers via StreamEvent e4954440e47a2cd661f50cecc087d83955a4ec86
2.6.34 22 Apr 2021 WCS-3164 Fixed: iOS SDK: Info.plist version issue 256348b42fcb89ae94fe3775b5cb595238249dcc
2.6.32 12 Apr 2021 WCS-3126 Added: iOS SDK: StreamEvent support f81c06dfdd898aadf42f031efd6c5da4a8d13049
2.6.30 18 Mar 2021 WCS-3041 Fixed: DTLS does not work with WebRTC client library refs/remotes/branch-heads/4324 2a25651e696b8436a8a67614bb1061d0a4a212e2
WCS-3091 Fixed: iOS Swift SDK: add muteAudio, muteVideo usage to MediaDevicesSwift example
2.6.29 18 Mar 2021 WCS-3090 Added: iOS Swift SDK: API doc generation 7d368537058933df4d79803ea9c3c39db2493bb6
2.6.28 04 Mar 2021 WCS-3079 Added: iOS SDK: Logging severity dc09a221e0f66de7373d43c4ced31acef1f319ad
2.6.27 01 Mar 2021 WCS-3083 Fixed: iOS SDK: FPWCSApi2Stream.publish after play in the same application: microphone is not accessible dbc922677dba2975d0dc134d0ff74e7113932622
2.6.26 25 Feb 2021 WCS-2936 Fixed: iOS SDK: iPhone 7: labels for switches are not displayed 747612549659db83cc032cad9338c0b8c8a2dfb6
WCS-3009 Fixed: iOS SDK: playback volume issue
WCS-3068 Fixed: iOS SDK: migration to XCFramework
2.6.23 15 Feb 2021 WCS-3067 Fixed: iOS SDK: AppStore upload issues de739d22f6331118aee9608430e6856bb7621b80
2.6.22 11 Feb 2021 WCS-3049 Fixed: iOS SDK issues after WebRTC bundle built in ad0745cfefeb7019f055397a59e2762f2b17ee0d
2.6.21 10 Feb 2021 WCS-3061 Added: iOS SDK: transport option for Stream object ed0cbbd7ba16ed2f1841a2012fbcb0967193f92c
2.6.19 02 Feb 2021 WCS-2853 Added: Migrating iOS SDK to Swift 0085303a56109128fed46cb373e6e28a6798b7a5
2.6.10 11 Jan 2021 WCS-3008 Fixed: iOS SDK: Player example crashes if microphone permissions is not requested d1e412c961d4e4b0d93d89a0551bb0ac8c3ae8b0
2.6.8 07 Dec 2020 WCS-2935 Fixed: iOS SDK: StreamRecording: unavailable record player 3ac4f87a23d34bfde696d3498b05fb20ff397386
WCS-2950 Added: iOS SDK: custom headers in websocket connection
2.6.6 02 Dec 2020 WCS-2969 Fixed: iOS SDK: RTCMTLVideoView background issue 0fbc95cad3e140d2f2f0490e4dd6cf691d9c688e
2.6.4 30 Oct 2020 WCS-2656 Fixed: iOS SDK: typo in RoomManagerEvent interface declaration 8af5f3ce539c155eccac004a9fed726f42504454
2.6.3 29 Oct 2020 WCS-2560 Fixed: iOS memory leak e95cc46e565421437777ba1fb72ef201fc29e1b5
2.6.2 27 Oct 2020 WCS-2941 Fixed: iOS SDK: the lowest resolution is always used for publishing 9b3812fcbf05e56e6df8a9fbbdd5079c0d34b95f
2.6.1 16 Oct 2020 WCS-2878 Added: Custom video capture implementation 715b4c0edd1c8dd4f9e27ebd3389f08d40b0ded6