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Android SDK 1.0 release notes

Build Date Ticket Notes Hash 18 Aug 2021 WCS-3296 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0: only one muted status is updated when stream name is changed 6bb49a23c4df6a213baaa9532d4990ef0a56748a 13 Aug 2021 WCS-3286 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0: get stream muted/unmuted state in onStreamStatus for new playing stream. Docs: Receiving stream status after stream subscription 0e26bd9016a934d46855ec2753f217086727d72d 13 Aug 2021 WCS-3293 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0: catch WebsocketNotConnected and call onDisconnection callback 057ca1d778884db9a5a8d7ad4303d596e268cd3f 12 Aug 2021 WCS-3283 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0 Media Devices: Stream status and muted fields are not cleaned after playback stopping dfb32e084fb0ab7ab1bcb92159b8eb0c7762849c 04 Aug 2021 WCS-3269 Added: Android SDK 1.0: mixer stream event support. Docs: Mixer incoming stream status detection while playing a mixed stream fc1111f828ed64d7d05df3d8877de4421f05083d 26 Jul 2021 WCS-3245 Added: Android SDK 1.0: StreamEvent support. Docs: Audio/video track status detection: muted/unmuted a539272c5a7dbd907f33a9d5ecd08f31fcc86219 14 Jul 2021 WCS-3231 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0: Possible race condition on Flashphoner.init() 5ed6afdf35573036133918f771c181826e2bf231 04 Mar 2021 WCS-3072 Added: Android SDK 1.0: transport option for Stream object 532052d4b9033c9920adc8f4eb9efcee1bbd6c76 04 Mar 2021 WCS-3063 Added: Android SDK 1.0: channel quality control support c81f25822139215588dfc6714fb376fd7421e162 09 Feb 2021 WCS-2743 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0: audio only stream fails by video RTP activity, audio is not sent 1c6b7a920dd0b271bc691b1b6d909f674198d761 04 Feb 2021 WCS-3059 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0: audio output does not go to bluetooth headset 002e720c8df7e54e583097fdb5de1ce430a62207 03 Feb 2021 WCS-3047 Fixed: Android SDK 1.0: X509TrustManager security issue 859541720951ff56815f2ec3e7231f10d38bf287 09 Oct 2019 WCS-2302 Fixed: Android SDK speakerphone usage porting to SDK 1.0 30acadd1f221211d5867d13ad7ee97baff924d5f 07 Oct 2019 WCS-2269 Fixed: Android sound management fix port to SDK 1.0 f48da31a3ca42652b3bb4e62ad7fec1b9ce1b044 21 Aug 2019 WCS-2234 Added: Screen capture in Android SDK 1cf6be2a753ca4fa797f29946da1e206cc6d78be 15 May 2019 WCS-1988 Fixed: Add constant NO_AVAILABLE_TRANSCODERS into SDKs af117f25f9c14e856bdac9f7a7e03ce1477b5835 21 Jan 2019 WCS-1722 Fixed: Android Phone-min-video: crash on answering incoming video call 7f7b1cd4e6b12497ca427a1060f426a864e5ca26 19 Dec 2018 WCS-1666 WebRTC over TCP candidate 5eddf2865a69ebcdf8f5908084066a4b966373c3