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Video Chat

Example of video chat

This example can be used for video chat between two participants on Web Call Server. Each participant can publish WebRTC stream and can play other participants streams

On the screenshot below the participant is connected, publishing a stream and playing stream from the other participant.

Two videos are played on the page

  • video from the other participant (Bob)
  • video from the camera of this participant - in the left bottom corner of the element with video from the other participant

Link to the "room" is displayed in the Invite field.

Code of the example

The path to the source code of the example on WCS server is:


  • video-chat.css - file with styles
  • video-chat.html - page of video chat participant

To provide functionality for video chat, the same script as for the example Video Conference is used. The path to the script on WCS server is:


  • conference.js - script providing functionality for video conference for specified number of participants

In the example of video chat, the number of allowed participants is two, and in the example of Video Conference - three. Example for four or more participants can be created.

The maximum allowed number of participants is defined by variable _participants in html file of the example (video-chat.html, line 17)

<script>var _participants = 2</script>

This example can be tested using the following address:


Here host is the address of the WCS server.

Analyzing the code

The code of video conference is described in Video Conference.