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Web Call Server is a platform for real-time audio and video applications. It is designed primarily for developers who spin up streaming projects such as video chat, webinar, mass broadcasting, web calls, low-latency web and mobile apps. The platform supports all popular today streaming video web-technologies such as WebRTC, Flash, RTMP, RTMFP, RTSP, HLS, MSE, SIP, and Websocket streaming, which allows delivering a video stream to a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

Development tools and APIs:

  • Web SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK

General features:

  • low-latency streaming
  • low-latency CDN
  • VR streaming
  • stream recording
  • video mixing
  • screen-sharing
  • stream snapshots
  • real-time video transcoding
  • VOD
  • SIP calls
  • etc.

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