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Establishing connection

When a connection is being established the following REST requests are used:

connect - main connection establishing method
ConnectionStatusEvent - connection status
RegistrationStatusEvent - SIP registration status if SIP registration is required

Outgoing call

Outgoing call uses the following REST requests:

call - outgoing SIP call
CallStatusEvent - update the outgoing call status
hangup - hangup the call

Sending and receiving SIP messages

When sending and receiving messages the following REST requests are used:

sendMessage - send a message
MessageStatusEvent - update the message status
OnMessageEvent - receive the incoming message

Possible problems

Problems with REST traffic not flowing can be caused by various web server integration issues. For example, if the traffic does not go when the 'connect' REST method is invoked, connection cannot be successfully established. If ConnectionStatusEvent or RegistrationStatusEvent do not invoke, the web server cannot receive connection status and SIP registration status notifications. REST error handling is thoroughly described in the REST hooks section.


Make sure your web server correctly responds to REST / HTTP requests and the port of your web server is open in Firewall. Make sure the WCS server app is correctly configured for the REST URL of the web server, and server logs contains no errors. Besides, you can turn off using REST completely with the remove app-rest-method command. In this case there will be no requests to the web server and corresponding errors. And the web client will have tp pass all necessary data to itself as described in the REST hooks section.


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