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WCS Core listens HTTP on the port 8081, and HTTPS on the port 8444 by default.

Settings related to HTTPS are listed in

Setting Default value
https.port 8444
https_server_enabled true


By default, Web Call Server uses the same keystore for REST / HTTPS certificates as it uses for Websockets - wss.jks.
Managing this keystore is thoroughly described in the Websocket SSL section.

Outgoing HTTPS

When querying the backend server, the WCS server inspects the URL of the request and initates an HTTPS query if that URL starts with https. For example, https://localhost/ConnectionStatusEvent. To query the web server that uses a self-signed certificate, use this setting:


If this parameter is set to false queries will not pass through, and you will need to configure your web server to work with actual SSL certificates issued by the certification center. To do this, please refer to the documentation of your web server.