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Android SDK 1.1 release notes

Build Date Ticket Notes Hash 27 May 2024 WCS-4028 Added: Android SDK 1.1 - Publish system audio in Screen Sharing example. Docs: Android Screen sharing d1a826df31fd948eb52629d9b7d1eb76c994fbcc 15 Jan 2024 WCS-3997 Fixed: Android SDK - TWCC support 982cb80b40f0181a0c5a5df8c5940b2d237400af 09 Oct 2023 WCS-3936 Fixed: Android SDK 1.1 - Audio Only Chat example. Docs: Android Audio Chat 5f4134bf8b789ea33a5c944bc52e3a58af18e4b4 04 Oct 2023 WCS-3843 Fixed: Android SDK 1.1: Update WebRTC library to the latest build 8114678857e98c390297cd809596fa09925282e3 28 Nov 2022 WCS-3645 Fixed: Android SDK 1.1: Audio only stream publishing may crash on some devices 3f88b6c8b3676eeded2597abd28f7bb99525af13 16 Aug 2022 WCS-3568 Fixed: Android SDK may crash on stream stopping c116b1d6a3bb922a8be63443fa4094d55d0f7849 13 Apr 2022 WCS-3426 Android SDK: 2 simultaneous connections issue. Docs: Android 2 Sessions example 4d3e44c28a593f0d7a2ccce58830d79b9b5e80ac 11 Apr 2022 WCS-3461 Fixed: Android SDK 1.1: TrustManager vulnerability. Docs: Recommended: Add self-signed certificate to application resources fe4a086461161ae807693a31ae5cfc2bede72036 02 Jan 2022 WCS-3379 Fixed: Android SDK: update examples to support targetSdk 31. Docs: Building examples with Gradle / Android Screen sharing fb076271d08bdd6190eef70052e27c714230c1d8 29 Dec 2021 WCS-3392 Added: Android SDK: add keepAlive and authToken session options support. Docs: Connection to an existing session / Android Phone 42f057360b2864653f12b6d5b4747616cd6510b0 07 Dec 2021 WCS-3363 Added: Android SDK: get available camera resolutions. Docs: Android Camera Manager a3eff89324cc535a4a4d1544000d554ef369de15 07 Dec 2021 WCS-3339 Fixed: AndroidSDK: GPUImage low performance while publishing more than 320x240 stream. Docs: Android Camera Manager 1f67959fd3b390ef46e0f67d741f1f926580d492 26 Oct 2021 WCS-3155 Added: AndroidSDK: Text message broadcasting to stream subscribers via StreamEvent. Docs: Sending JSON data to stream subscribers e0ea20273567026ea17d658fcd3e8746716daf7e 29 Sep 2021 WCS-3295 Fixed: Android SDK: apps minor issues 7a0e208e9f98c666d9960a31f4cee5f1a6fec87f 29 Sep 2021 WCS-3308 Fixed: Android SDK: Camera manager: PNG overlay may crash if picture coordinates are empty df527428ed15dfd50f9f5a6ba9a99f07bc07e14e 20 Aug 2021 WCS-3177 Added: Android SDK: Video picture zooming and PNG overlay support while publishing a stream. Docs: Android Camera Manager 17cb652e207d1e8029d8d81539c3eecadcf5a211 12 Aug 2021 WCS-3273 Fixed: Android SDK: catch WebsocketNotConnected and call onDisconnection callback 144585313606c4c87ce88102610aa080982c8203 05 Aug 2021 WCS-3279 Fixed: Change WCS URL to ab96eebc692379d84794258b2c2e9d31c02829f9 04 Aug 2021 WCS-3275 Fixed: Android SDK: get stream muted/unmuted state in onStreamStatus for new playing stream. Docs: Receiving stream status after stream subscription 24feceaf4ca998bb0e84eb81c96a3b683c5abec6 30 Jul 2021 WCS-3225 Added: Android SDK: maxBitrate, minBitrate constraints for publishing. Docs: Publishing bitrate constraints support 6cfbf814ffecd352575b4a6fbbc82bc6f2f96f04 23 Jul 2021 WCS-3246 Fixed: Android SDK 1.1: Possible race condition in Flashphoner.init() 628b018c5bebc70b111c5d2095704961306048e3 22 Jul 2021 WCS-3251 Added: Android SDK: mixer stream event support. Docs: Mixer incoming stream status detection while playing a mixed stream 2a7382f7fb0ee84530be6e33cc571e70bd424b40 14 Jul 2021 WCS-3148 Android SDK 1.1: MediaDevices app crash on camera and mic test on Android 11. Docs: Microphone testing and sound level receiving 33d5e66d34338e988c28b8f9a26d20b559964504 13 Jul 2021 WCS-3197 Fixed: Android SDK: Google Pixel 3 playback issue dba984ddb56f25f05af16ccc2856e4e1f03aa16c 08 Jul 2021 WCS-3125 Android SDK: StreamEvent support. Docs: Audio/video track status detection: muted/unmuted f09485830de166c7a2157bd5b310a0564c53c21f 08 Jun 2021 WCS-3093 Added: availableStream support in SDKs e1b286fbc6ff8f752c336ba84be117f892d9a4e4 19 May 2021 WCS-3151 Added: Android SDK: GPUImage support 83f1231e1355ca9acd2108e6fc88872fe1a968d8 14 Apr 2021 WCS-2805 Added: Android SDK: CameraCapturer customization 62910ecf5641184b59c1da84165d906063eb6534 09 Apr 2021 WCS-3135 Fixed: Android SDK: MCU client example, Mixer MCU audio only latency c10326464febd1e87f7be70e1dbf78affa494433 16 Feb 2021 WCS-3064 Fixed: Android SDK 1.1: audio only stream fails by video RTP activity, audio is not sent 14d4a387cbbfbb771426d86f3f542f1a0c4a4712 16 Feb 2021 WCS-3062 Added: Android SDK: transport option for Stream object c266197dfa80ff6ec00a53a2793f331a4946f057 04 Feb 2021 WCS-2918 Added: Android SDK: channel quality control support d9d6248fd3c33879efb52bac133b05bce3535433 02 Feb 2021 WCS-3053 Fixed: Android SDK: audio output does not go to bluetooth headset 0ebe669644885c9719d4a8480a39e25c22ad5c63 25 Jan 2021 WCS-3040 Fixed: Android SDK: X509TrustManager security issue 16779ab53d99489a3f924058fbd40083acd55013 04 Jan 2021 WCS-2446 Fixed: Android SDK: Media Devices: application crash on stop after camera switch 946deaad913a3c0d956d1be070071bba4fdf88ab 13 Nov 2020 WCS-2923 Added: AndroidSDK: Websocket basic authentication 5c20ab006b2bcf25cad4ff34eb2afd4955b1b16a 02 Oct 2019 WCS-2283 Fixed: Use speakerphone in Android SDK applications 10895ac8ee0a1c231a2c4c5e03dab3b3579b223c 02 Sep 2019 WCS-2212 Fixed: Android sound management issues 166c9ab490b9210d8f9fcc55f8c1ab60c86e665d 29 Aug 2019 WCS-2234 Added: Screen capture in Android SDK 8641cba605e3bef7148dc46746a0299f4548cc91 15 May 2019 WCS-1988 Fixed: Add constant NO_AVAILABLE_TRANSCODERS into SDKs 22 Jan 2019 WCS-1691 Fixed: Update WebRTC for Android SDK a9ac2772167e44090a6054e0d03a1d56d8bb9e92