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Event states

The event states are listed in the table below.

If such event is received on client side, it may be processed in a corresponding object (Stream, Session, Call, etc).


  1. Handle success connection to WCS server

    session.on(SESSION_STATUS.ESTABLISHED, function(){
        trace("connection established");

  2. Handle success stream publishing to WCS server

    stream.on(STREAM_STATUS.PUBLISHING, function(){
        trace("stream is publishing");

Event Status field values Description
ConnectionStatusEvent ESTABLISHED - Connection is established
FAILED - Error while establishing connection
DISCONNECTED - Connection is lost
The status of establishing connection to the WCS server via Websocket
RegistrationStatusEvent REGISTERED - SIP account is registered
UNREGISTERED - SIP account is unregistered
AUTHENTICATION_FAIL - Authentication error
SIP registration status
CallStatusEvent TRYING - SIP returned TRYING
RING - SIP returned 183 RINGING
BUSY - SIP returned 486 or 600 BUSY
ESTABLISHED - SIP returned 200 OK to INVITE, call is established
HOLD - SIP call is put on hold
FINISH - SIP call is finished
FAILED - SIP call has failed or ended with an error
SIP call status
TransferStatusEvent ACCEPTED - SIP call transfer request is accepted
TRYING - An attempt to transfer the call
COMPLETED - Transfer is completed
FAILED - Transfer has failed
Call transfer status
StreamStatusEvent PUBLISHING - Stream is publishing
UNPUBLISHED - Publishing finished
PLAYING - Stream is playing
STOPPED - Playback is stopped
FAILED - Error while publishing or playing the stream
Stream status
StreamKeepAliveEvent PUBLISHING - Stream is publishing
PLAYING - Stream is playing
Keep-alive of the stream
SessionDebugStatusEvent STARTED - Debug logs are enabled
STOPPED - Debug logs are disabled
Debug session status
DataStatusEvent ACCEPTED - Data are accepted for processing
FAILED - An error occurred
Data sending status