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WebSDK 2.0 release notes

Build Date Ticket Notes GitHub
2.0.246 09 Jul 2024 WCS-4001 Added: WebSDK: get a system information at client side to identify environment. Docs: Getting an additional information about publisher configuration 07e601a
2.0.245 09 Jul 2024 WCS-3916 Added: Web SDK: profile switching in HLS player examples 59e36a2
2.0.244 25 Jun 2024 WCS-4136 Added: WebSDK: Permalink displaying in HLS examples to open a stream automatically. Docs: HLS VideoJS Player / HLS.js Player / HLS Native Player 1703e13
2.0.243 22 May 2024 WCS-4117 Fixed: WebSDK: Display HLS playback statistics 32144d9
2.0.242 09 Apr 2024 WCS-4109 Fixed: WebSDK: set default content hint to "motion". Docs: Content type management while publishing from Chromium based browser 353e072
2.0.241 01 Apr 2024 WCS-4097 Added: Web SDK - Emit an event about user action required to unmute playing stream locally. Docs: Muted audio notification when starting a stream playback automatically 47a2ec9
2.0.240 16 Feb 2024 WCS-4040 Added: DVR implementation. Docs: Rewinding while playing HLS 9a0ac9c
2.0.239 06 Feb 2024 WCS-4013 Added: WebSDK - Set minBitrate/maxBitrate constraints to a corresponding x-google- SDP parameters 194b343
2.0.238 01 Feb 2024 WCS-4032 Add demo sample Mixer - Desktop sharing - Video. Docs: Screen Sharing with Camera f8a591b
2.0.237 28 Dec 2023 WCS-4007 Added: WebSDK: add VideoJS 8 to VideoJS HLS Player minimal example. Docs: HLS VideoJS Player 8d8cf5f
2.0.236 07 Dec 2023 WCS-3992 Fixed: Safari 17: no WebRTC statistics returned by RTCPeerConnection.getStats() b508c1f
2.0.235 22 Sep 2023 WCS-3914 Fixed: WEB SDK: Click to Call example: Uncaught ReferenceError 26b6eab
2.0.234 21 Sep 2023 WCS-3917 Added: WebSDK: websocket connection tests 4050959
2.0.233 31 Aug 2023 WCS-3911 Added: Stable push test in Console example a9d4d6c
2.0.232 24 Aug 2023 WCS-3904 Adapt load tests for production open ports 568933a
2.0.231 04 Jul 2023 WCS-3860 Fixed: iOS Safari: HLS native player: exit full screen: InvalidStateError a93a65b
2.0.230 21 Jun 2023 WCS-3845 Fixed: WebSDK: VideoJS 8.3.0 issues playing TS segments 26e416e
2.0.229 16 Jun 2023 WCS-3832 Fixed: WebSDK: Update HLS.JS to the latest stable build 7b471b2
2.0.228 02 Feb 2023 WCS-3699 Added: WebSDK: implement missing TS classes by pull request 18 2e846ab
2.0.227 06 Dec 2022 WCS-3655 Fixed: WebSDK: Remove excessive URI decoding in Embed Player 926e7b7
2.0.226 23 Nov 2022 WCS-3638 Fixed: WebSDK: Screen Sharing example is broken in Chrome 107 44613bc
2.0.225 24 Oct 2022 WCS-3611 Added: Embed Player refactoring. Docs: Embed Player 24a69e1
2.0.224 13 Oct 2022 WCS-3606 Fixed: WebSDK: Fullscreen mode issues in Safari 16. Docs: Using standard video controls when publishing or playing a stream / Playing WebRTC in browser known issues p. 12 9175fa9
2.0.223 01 Sep 2022 WCS-3583 Fixed: WebSDK: iOS Safari 12 getStats issue 4e856c5
2.0.222 24 Aug 2022 WCS-3577 Fixed: WebSDK: Disable flashMediaProvider by default. Docs: Building all the bundles including Flash support a05c7e0
2.0.221 15 Jul 2022 WCS-3507 Fixed: WebSDK: Media Devices example issues 87b778a
2.0.219 13 Jun 2022 WCS-3228 Added: Move statuses like SNAPSHOT_COMPLETE to stream events. Docs: Stream Snapshot example / Player example 7fff01f
2.0.218 20 Apr 2022 WCS-3449 Fixed: iOS Safari: Conference: frozen video if delayed in allowing access. Docs: Video Conference / Video Chat and Screen Sharing 90771d4
2.0.217 28 Mar 2022 WCS-3450 Fixed: Typescript bindings issue in Angular 12 application fa5907c
2.0.216 24 Mar 2022 WCS-3445 Fixed: Android Edge: Conference: freeze or no audio when starts playing other participant's video. Docs: Video Conference 05436f8
2.0.215 23 Mar 2022 WCS-2434 Fixed: Global WebSDK logger object. Docs: A separate logger parameters for session, stream or call db1649d
2.0.212 01 Feb 2022 WCS-3430 Fixed: Web SDK: Conference: the iPhone own audio can be heard when publishing ecbadc3
2.0.211 28 Jan 2022 WCS-2639 Fixed: iOS Safari: Low Power Mode: doesn't join to Conference. Docs: Video Conference / Stream publishing and playback in Low Power Mode cedab4a
2.0.210 27 Jan 2022 WCS-2425 Fixed: WebSDK: Optimize auto-play. Docs: Video publishing and playback on mobile devices c49a676
2.0.209 14 Jan 2022 WCS-3410 Added: Switching wifi to 4g and back. Docs: Streaming Auto Restore 2035db9
2.0.208 28 Dec 2021 WCS-2958 Fixed: Mobile browsers proper detection to disable screen sharing bb14bb3
2.0.207 20 Dec 2021 WCS-3382 Fixed: Win10, Chrome 95: old hardware publishing issue. Docs: Streaming Auto Restore f2862b9
2.0.206 18 Nov 2021 WCS-3361 Fixed: SIP connect with auth token and receive a call. Docs: Connection to an existing session 7d9863a
2.0.205 10 Nov 2021 WCS-3318 Fixed: LL HLS: VideoJS does not work in Android Chrome and Firefox 5ff39b7
2.0.204 09 Nov 2021 WCS-3369 Added: WebSDK: Add contentHint option example to Media Devices. Docs: Content type management while publishing from Chromium based browser / How to enforce bitrate increasing 7a85691
2.0.203 15 Oct 2021 WCS-2382 Added: WebSDK: TypeScript typings support. Docs: Typescript support / Two Way Streaming in Typescript d9abaca
2.0.202 07 Oct 2021 WCS-3336 Fixed: WebSDK: VueJS example. Docs: Two Way Streaming Vue.js example 6dc44b8
2.0.201 05 Oct 2021 WCS-3312 Fixed: WebSDK: RoomApi React application example. Docs: Two Way Streaming React example / RoomApi Conference React example / Video Conference / Video Chat and Screensharing 456b1c7
2.0.200 29 Sep 2021 WCS-3265 Added: WebSDK Canvas Streaming: use requestAnimationFrame(). Docs: HTML5 Canvas capturing 00f0bfd
2.0.199 28 Sep 2021 WCS-3313 Fixed: RoomApi: second publish failed. Docs: Room finalizing dd690ff
2.0.198 20 Aug 2021 WCS-3260 Fixed: Phone Video: outbound call: TypeError in console d42a489
2.0.197 20 Aug 2021 WCS-3258 Fixed: iOS Safari: Phone Video: resolution is not applied b2ef161
2.0.196 20 Aug 2021 WCS-3263 Fixed: iOS Safari: MCU client: preloader opens in full screen 09b9216
2.0.195 19 Aug 2021 WCS-3304 Fixed: HLS LL player demo. Docs: HLS.js Player 71b07a8
2.0.193 17 Aug 2021 WCS-3290 Fixed: WebSDK: speech detector is not working in Chrome 92 89bae7d
2.0.192 16 Aug 2021 WCS-3285 Fixed: WebSDK: display incoming stream name if mixer audioMuted/videoMuted status received 5dd6ba9
2.0.191 16 Aug 2021 WCS-3237 Fixed: Firefox: screen sharing doesn't work in Phone Video d6db3f3
2.0.190 12 Aug 2021 WCS-3218 Added: Multiple recording example based on RoomApp. Docs: Room multiple streams recording to one file with subsequent mixing / Multiple stream recording to one file with subsequent mixing / REST API 21e4eb1
2.0.189 03 Aug 2021 WCS-3274 Fixed: WebSDK: Use ESM export syntax in modules cc8e726
2.0.180 23 Jul 2021 WCS-3257 Fixed: Chrome 91.0.4472.164: resolution drops. Docs: Content type management while publishing from Chromium based browser 80e1206
2.0.179 22 Jul 2021 WCS-3213 Added: Export browser detection function cad66d0
2.0.178 16 Jul 2021 WCS-3229 WebSDK: Click-to-Call example update. Docs: ClickToCall example 02c8028
2.0.177 16 Jul 2021 WCS-3234 WebSDK: allow screen sharing without extension in Video Chat and Screen Sharing example. Docs: Video Chat and Screen Sharing example 35a4234
2.0.176 13 Jul 2021 WCS-3222 Remove Flash from WebSDK examples. Docs: Building all the WebSDK bundles e15436d
2.0.173 09 Jul 2021 WCS-3204 Fixed: WebSDK: update uuid package to actual version bf690f1
2.0.171 10 Jun 2021 WCS-3186 Added: iOS SDK: WebView example 30fdfb0
2.0.170 24 May 2021 WCS-3173 Added: Web SDK: RoomApi server response validation 52c537a
2.0.169 24 May 2021 WCS-3195 Fixed: flashphoner.js unneeded dependencies 95c8567
2.0.168 22 Apr 2021 WCS-3153 Added: WebSDK: Text message broadcasting to stream subscribers via StreamEvent a8c61f9
2.0.167 12 Apr 2021 WCS-3105 Fixed: StreamEvent - pass mute unmute voiceActivity events for playback streams c9ff264
2.0.166 04 Mar 2021 WCS-2149 Added: Stream availability status and reason on client side eed8c28
2.0.165 18 Feb 2021 WCS-3073 Fixed: Android Firefox: synchronization issue 746d342
2.0.164 16 Feb 2021 WCS-2454 Added: Take stream snapshot in client browser 1d572d0
2.0.163 09 Feb 2021 WCS-3057 Fixed: Need to invoke switchCam twice when starting with last video source a51bf17
2.0.162 09 Feb 2021 WCS-2996 Fixed: VP8 recording issues when publishing from Samsung browser 10f7df4
2.0.160 08 Feb 2021 WCS-1286 Web SDK over NPM distribution d772c6c 12 Jan 2021 WCS-2994 Added: WebSDK: capture frames from third party library (beautifier, face detector etc) 4ddce3a 29 Dec 2020 WCS-3025 Fixed: Phone Min example: SIP REGISTER with expires=0 is no sent when client session is closed ba98f81 23 Dec 2020 WCS-3016 Fixed: Safari 14.0.2 on Mac OS Bug Sur publishing issue 8ca5713 02 Nov 2020 WCS-2751 Added: Screen capture using getDisplayMedia in Safari 44fe1b1 27 Oct 2020 WCS-2919 Added: Workaround for Chromium bug to play stereo 4b8279d 23 Oct 2020 WCS-2933 Fixed: Publishing in latest Chrome browser on Samsung devices ee9ae90 25 Sep 2020 WCS-2904 Fixed: playoutDelay issue in Samsung browser 7dbb1cd 16 Sep 2020 WCS-2870 Fixed: Autoplay issues in modern browsers 555cce4 04 Sep 2020 WCS-2392 Web SDK build and visibility issues 4d10b9d 18 Aug 2020 WCS-2848 Fixed: MSE does not work in latest build 05c42eb 17 Aug 2020 WCS-2493 Fixed: Wrap local errors to getInfo 501f72f 21 Jul 2020 WCS-2785 Added: playoutDelayHint support 064a791 29 Jun 2020 WCS-2740 Added: Move several streams recording to separate example 51703a2 25 Jun 2020 WCS-2759 Fixed: Stream Recording example: download link is not displayed 4138748 10 Jun 2020 WCS-2644 Added: HLS player example based on hls.js 737683d 04 Jun 2020 WCS-2708 Fixed: Uncaught exception if no camera and mic c94ab5e 05 May 2020 WCS-2669 Added: WebSDK add flasphoner-webrtc-only bundle e0b7205 30 Jan 2020 WCS-2369 Fixed: Screen Sharing: error in the browser console 66cc393 19 Dec 2019 WCS-2375 Fixed: iOS playback (autoplay) issues 850919a 10 Dec 2019 WCS-2340 Added: WebSDK: flexible logger configuration 05cb5bd 10 Dec 2019 WCS-2403 Fixed: Canvas streaming - no audio on second publish a7138e9 29 Nov 2019 WCS-2373 Fixed: Canvas Streaming does not publish stream 57d18b5 29 Nov 2019 WCS-2379 WebSDK: documentation update, example Media Devices (add audio devices detecting) 6cbd609 27 Nov 2019 WCS-2363 Fixed: MCU client doesn't work in IE 11 9ba7870 22 Nov 2019 WCS-2342 WebSDK: add setting - timeout to ws/wss connection 3a5aadf 22 Nov 2019 WCS-2357 Fixed: Detecting WebRTC network issues on playing client side d1796c2 19 Nov 2019 WCS-2358 Added: MCU Client 85641da 14 Nov 2019 WCS-2300 Added: Detecting network issues between WebRTC publishing client and server c209f57 05 Nov 2019 WCS-2343 Fixed: MSE on close issue 83f3ffa 16 Oct 2019 WCS-2306 Fixed: MacOS Safari publishing fails for video only stream 83f3ffa 20 Sep 2019 WCS-2262 Fixed: MSE optimization server-side 6e9172d 15 Aug 2019 WCS-2235 Fixed: Screen sharing does not work in Android Chrome 90beac8 08 Aug 2019 WCS-2204 Fixed: Player issues in MS Edge 49b4a7e 29 Jul 2019 WCS-2192 Fixed: MSE: cannot read pts of undefined 155fd22 19 Jul 2019 WCS-2160 Fixed: iOS Safari, WebRTC: no audio on first playback 155fd22 10 Jul 2019 WCS-2145 Fixed: Video resolution constraint modifiers cannot be passed 149855c 09 Jul 2019 WCS-2030 Fixed: MSE freeze on video resolution change 4d5baaf 09 Jul 2019 WCS-2150 Fixed: MSE playback connection issues 4d5baaf 05 Jul 2019 WCS-2136 Fixed: WebRTC statistics can not be collected for VP8 publishing/playing c9f433a 01 Jul 2019 WCS-2111 Added: Media Devices example: add stripCodecs field bff81a5 19 Jun 2019 WCS-2082 Added: CDN ACL support for HLS playback da42595 17 Jun 2019 WCS-2083 Fixed: Playback as WebRTC in MS Edge: Unhandled promise rejection: doesn't support 'getTransceivers' 7aeff00 10 Jun 2019 WCS-2069 Fixed: WebRTC publishing from iOS 12.3.1 drops after 50-70 seconds 5c6dc51 10 Jun 2019 WCS-2055 Fixed: iOS 12.1 and previous versions - problems with WebRTC stream 9b1fe3f 08 Jun 2019 WCS-2063 Fixed: Audio output device selection in non-Chromium browsers e3fce0d 27 May 2019 WCS-2010 Fixed: WebRTC publishing constraints issue 1c0a059 24 May 2019 WCS-2014 Fixed: Application window and Chrome tab does not share with extension in Chrome 74 f0caf8e 24 May 2019 WCS-2021 Fixed: WebRTC player scaling when orientation changes 5bb5a2d 21 May 2019 WCS-1923 Added: WebRTC stream picture orientation changing in iOS 12.2 c7a1576 15 May 2019 WCS-1988 Fixed: Add constant NO_AVAILABLE_TRANSCODERS into SDKs b5b5038 07 May 2019 WCS-1986 Fixed: Constraints for screen sharing without extension in Chrome 74+ 075cc8b 03 May 2019 WCS-1963 Fixed: Get media access depending on constraints 0e77b5a
WCS-1972 Fixed: Video constraint without frameRate: TypeError 23 Apr 2019 WCS-1952 Added: Screen Sharing without extension in Google Chrome 218c188 23 Apr 2019 WCS-1954 Fixed: Safari streaming issues c31f2e0 19 Apr 2019 WCS-1944 Fixed: Phone Video example: WebRTC statistics is not displayed c747ea2 17 Apr 2019 WCS-1927 Fixed: Playback as MSE doesn't work eef7a8c 16 Apr 2019 WCS-1922 Fixed: WebRTC statistics displaying issues 4d8288d 11 Apr 2019 WCS-1909 Added: Call: switchToScreen 94f9a3f 10 Apr 2019 WCS-1894 Fixed: iOS 12.2 streaming issues 1e24acd 02 Apr 2019 WCS-1837 Fixed: Media Devices: Switch to screen: frameRate.max is undefined f12fd7b 20 Mar 2019 WCS-1835 Fixed: WebRTC transport priority issue bfba6df 19 Mar 2019 WCS-1848 Fixed: Web SDK fixes according pull request 28bf473 18 Mar 2019 WCS-1795 Fixed: Update WebSDK examples to actual HTTP/WS ports 760edbf 15 Mar 2019 WCS-1821 Added: Web SDK, Media Devices - Add packet lost and NACK stats for bandwidth estimation 2258615 01 Mar 2019 WCS-1800 Fixed: Embed Player mute button 4b9067b 20 Feb 2019 WCS-1799 Fixed: Autoplay in Chromium based alternative browsers f5d57ed 30 Jan 2019 WCS-1725 Fixed: Screen Sharing: Chrome: sharing app window fails when using microphone 12e0c42 24 Jan 2019 WCS-1700 Fixed: New Chrome autoplay policy support using WSPlayer, MSE 9663393 10 Jan 2019 WCS-1701 Fixed: TypeError: Cannot read property 'candidate' in WebSDK a4e0b4c 08 Jan 2019 WCS-1604 Fixed: Chrome tab sharing does not work in Chrome 70 7f7dcd3 26 Dec 2018 WCS-1696 Fixed: Manage gain in latest Chrome, avoid AudioContext issue c2b633c
WCS-1698 Fixed: AudioContext is created in Flashphoner.init() 21 Dec 2018 WCS-1693 Fixed: The AudioContext was not allowed to start 5244d44 18 Dec 2018 WCS-1665 Fixed: Canvas Streaming example 3e09d23 17 Dec 2018 WCS-1574 Fixed: iOS Safari 12: examples requesting access to devices after page loading: "Unhandled Promise Rejection" 0c2b647 13 Dec 2018 WCS-1675 Fixed: Flash Streaming client issues 4e1f0c9 07 Dec 2018 WCS-1638 Added: Capture audio from Canvas, Media Devices f7743e8 03 Dec 2018 WCS-1651 Fixed: WebRTC microphone does not work in some Chrome browsers due Gain Node e35bfc0 30 Nov 2018 WCS-1641 Fixed: stream.setVolume(0) does not work when stream starts to play using WSPlayer 6f4b0cd 29 Nov 2018 WCS-1627 Added: Static data on HLS ports 150a82d 31 Oct 2018 WCS-1578 Pass header to INVITE request and 200 OK response 36a8c8f 31 Oct 2018 WCS-1284 HLS authentication via REST Hooks 413e59f 25 Oct 2018 WCS-1560 Fixed: Safari 12: Two-Way Streaming, play: "Unhandled Promise Rejection" 1bcde93 22 Oct 2018 WCS-1548 Fixed: Chrome 70: publish WebRTC with audio constraints: Failed to execute 'setRemoteDescription' on 'RTCPeerConnection' 06d2d2a 05 Oct 2018 WCS-1511 Added: Delight player and WebRTC playback 98f6cbf 27 Sep 2018 WCS-1240 Fixed: Web SDK: stripCodecs does not work for Opus 310750c 21 Sep 2018 WCS-1477 Added: Seamless switch between webcam and screen streams with WebSDK d0363d5 11 Sep 2018 WCS-1464 Fixed: iOS Safari does not apply publishing resolution 12010f6 07 Sep 2018 WCS-1447 Fixed: Unknown device audioinput id message in browser console f419459 31 Aug 2018 WCS-1415 Fixed: Freeze on iOS Safari after fullscreen mode exit, autoplay issues c74c1fb