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CDN 2.5


CDN 2.5 implements the following features in addition to CDN и 2.4:

  • remove nodes from CDN

Remove nodes from CDN

When a node leaves CDN, another nodes remember this node as PASSIVE and periodically try to restore connections to it. To prevent excessive reconnect attempts and actualize CDN state, since build 5.2.708 inactive node can be removed from CDN


REST API is used to remove node from CDN. The query should be sent to active CDN node.

REST query should be HTTP/HTTPS POST request as follows:

  • HTTP:
  • HTTPS:


  • - WCS server address
  • 8081 - a standard WCS REST / HTTP port
  • 8444 - a standard WCS HTTPS port
  • rest-api - mandatory part of URL
  • /cdn/remove_node - REST query used

REST queries and responses

REST query Request body Response status Description
200 OK 400 Bad request 404 Node not found 500 Internal Server Error Remove node from CDN


Parameter Description Example
nodeId Node IP address to remove ``

Known limits

  1. Only PASSIVE node can be removed from CDN. The query will return Active node can't be removed while trying to remove ACTIVE node.

  2. If node removed enter CDN again (for example, after restarting), another nodes will reconnect to it automatically.

Backward compatibility

A node can be removed from CDN only on CDN 2.5 nodes