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Complete list of CLI commands

Command Example Description
add user `add user alice 12345` Add a user with the specified name and password
add app `add app MyApp MyAppKey 'http://localhost'` Add a new application
add app-rest-method `add app-rest-method MyAppKey connect` Add a new REST method to the application
add lb-node `add lb-node --http-port 8081 --flash 1935 --ws 8080 --wss 8443 --max-calls 999 --enabled true` Add a node to the load balancer (obsoleted)
add authorized_key `add authorized_key -f /root/.ssh/public.pem` Add public key for CLI authorization
grep `grep foo` Search strings using the specified template
passwd `passwd alice` Change the password
reload node-settings `reload node-settings` Reload settings from the [](../Core_settings/ file
remove app `remove app MyApp` Remove the application with the specified key
remove app-rest-method `remove app-rest-method MyApp ErrorStatusEvent` Remove the REST method from the application
remove lb-node `remove lb-node` Remove the node from the load balancer (obsoleted)
remove authorized_key `remove authorized_key` Remove CLI authorization public key. This command switches public key authorization off.
save lb-nodes `save lb-nodes` Save nodes of the load balancer to a file
save node-settings `save node-settings` Save current server settings to the [](../Core_settings/ file
show groups `show groups` Show groups
show users `show users` Show users
show apps `show apps` Show the list of applications
show server-status `show server-status` Show the current server status
show app-status `show app-status MyApp` Show the current status of the specified application
show app-rest-methods `show app-rest-methods MyAppKey` Show the specified application REST methods
show streams `show streams` Show the list of active streams
show lb-nodes `show lb-nodes` Show nodes used in load balancing (obsoleted)
show lb-status `show lb-status` Show the current status of the load balancer (obsoleted)
show cdn-nodes `show cdn-nodes` Show the list and status of CDN nodes visible to the server (only for `cdn_enable=true`)
show cdn-routes `show cdn-routes` Show the list of CDN routes and streams CDN (only for cdn_enable=true)
show node-settings `show node-settings` Show or export the list of current WCS settings to a file, see [Server settings management](./
show node-setting `show node-setting http.address` Show a specific setting from the settings file
start lb `start lb` Start the load balancer (obsoleted)
stop lb `stop lb` Stop the load balancer (obsoleted)
update user `update user --active false alice` Modify the specified user data
update app `update app --c-class 'com.flashphoner.MyCallbackClass' --m-class 'com.flashphoner.MyMainClass' MyApp` Modify application settings: `m-class` - main class handler `c-class` - Callback class handler
update lb-node `update --http-port 8081 --flash 1935 --ws 8080 --wss 8443 --max-calls 999 --enabled true lb-node` Modify the load balancer settings (obsoleted)
update node-setting `update node-setting --name http.address --value` Modify the value of one option in the settings list