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Republishing to AWS MediaLive

1. Preparing to test

For test we use:

  • AWS MediaLIve channel to receive RTMP and send RTMP to predefined address;
  • WCS server;
  • WebRTC as RTMP web application to publish and republish a stream;
  • mediaserver to receive RTMP stream from AWS MediaLive, WCS for example

2. AWS MediaLive configuration: Create an Input at AWS MediaLive to ingest RTMP

3. AWS MediaLive configuration: Create channel with Output group: RTMP

The detailed instructions to create AWS MediaLive channel can be found in this Medium article for example.

4. WCS configuration

Add the following parameters to file


and restart WCS

5. Start AWS MediaLive channel

The following alerts will be shown if no input stream

6. Publish a stream in WebRTC as RTMP example

Publish a stream in WebRTC as RTMP example, setting RTMP URL of ingest point created at step 2

In RTMP player window set URL and name of the channel output stream created at step 3

7. Alerts will be cleared in AWS MediaLive channel window