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Server SSL certificates checking while Websocket connection establishing

By default, Android SDK delegates SSL certificates checking to the system level while establishing secure Websocket connestion to a server. On the system level, in its turn, server certificate is compared with system certificate storage content.

In this case, if the server uses self-signed certificate (for debugging purposes), this certificate will not pass the checking. Therefore since build the session option SessionOptions.trustAllCertificates is added, false by default. To accept any certificates including self-signed ones, this option should be set to true

SessionOptions sessionOptions = new SessionOptions(url);

Usage example:


private CheckBox mTrustAllCer;
mTrustAllCer = (CheckBox) findViewById(;
    * The options for connection session are set.
    * WCS server URL is passed when SessionOptions object is created.
    * SurfaceViewRenderer to be used to display video from the camera is set with method SessionOptions.setLocalRenderer().
    * SurfaceViewRenderer to be used to display preview stream video received from the server is set with method SessionOptions.setRemoteRenderer().
SessionOptions sessionOptions = new SessionOptions(url);


This must be used for testing purposes only. The application trusting any certificate will not pass Google Play (or any alternative store) moderation