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Server core (WCS Core)

The Core includes the following subsystems:

Submodule Ports Format Protocol Description
Websocket server 8080, 8443 Websocket frames, JSON TCP Provides support for HTML5 Websocket and Secure Websocket
SIP client 30000-31000 SIP TCP, UDP Provides support for SIP to work with PBX SIP servers and SIP Proxy
RTMFP server 1935 AMF3 UDP Provides support for the RTMFP protocol to work with Flash Player
RTMP server 1935 AMF3 TCP Provides support for the RTMP protocol
RTMP client 33001-34000 TCP
RTSP server 554 RTSP-packets TCP Provides support for the RTSP protocol
RTSP client 32000-32999 RTSP-packets TCP Fetches a stream from another server via the RTSP protocol followed by opening of RTP ports to receive traffic and play in a browser
CDN client 34001-35000 Websocket frames TCP Provides signaling support for CDN based on WCS servers
CDN server 8084 TCP
WebRTC agent 34001-35000 Websocket frames TCP Provides support for interaction with other WCS servers via Websocket/WebRTC
HTTP server 8081, 8444 HTTP, JSON TCP Provides support for HTTP and HTTPS protocols for web interface, WCS RESTful API, load balancing and requests for statistics
HLS server 8082, 8445 HLS TCP Provides support for HLS over HTTP/HTTPS
RTP module 31000-31999 Audio codecs: Opus, G.711, Speex, G.729, AAC and video codecs: H.264, VP8, H265 UDP Provides support for RTP and SRTP protocols to exchange audio and video traffic
ICE, DTLS, RTCP 31000-31999 ICE packets, DTLS packets, RTCP packets TCP, UDP Provides support for WebRTC technologies (including WebRTC over TCP) to establish connection with an ICE and DTLS web browser, as well as support for RTCP profiles RTP/AVP, RTP/SAVPF
JMX Server 50999 JMX TCP Monitors the server process using the JMX console or Visual VM.
Metrics server 7777 Server functioning metrics TCP Local interface to translate server functioning metrics
Core CLI SSH 2001, 2002 SSH TCP Core CLI support
Audio Transcoder audio tracks in streams Convert one media data format to another
Video Transcoder video tracks in streams
Mixer streams on the server Mixes streams

A simplified flowchart of Core operation: