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The match between client invocations and REST methods

The table below lists methods, types and corresponding REST hooks and events related to these REST hooks. The Web SDK field illustrates how to invoke methods and handle events on the client’s side.

Description Web SDK REST hook Events
Establish connection to WCS Flashphoner.createSession() connect ConnectionStatusEvent, RegistrationStatusEvent
Direct invocations - Streaming
Play the stream playStream StreamStatusEvent
Pause playback of the stream stream.pause() pauseStream StreamStatusEvent
Stop playback of the stream stream.stop() stopStream StreamStatusEvent
Publish the stream stream.publish() publishStream StreamStatusEvent
Make a snapshot of the stream stream.snapshot() snapshot StreamStatusEvent
Stop publishing the stream stream.stop() unPublishStream StreamStatusEvent
Direct invocations - Calls
Make an outbound call call CallStatusEvent
Send tone signal (DTMF) call.sendDTMF() sendDtmf \-
Answer an incoming call call.answer() answer CallStatusEvent
Put the call on hold call.hold() hold CallStatusEvent
Release the call from hold call.unhold() unhold CallStatusEvent
Transfer the call to another number call.transfer() transfer TransferStatusEvent
Hang up the call call.hangup() hangup CallStatusEvent
Incoming invocations – Calls
Receive the incoming call session.on(SESSION_STATUS.INCOMING_CALL, handler) OnCallEvent, CallStatusEvent
Direct and incoming invocations – Data
Send data session.sendData() OnDataEvent, DataStatusEvent
Receive data session.on(SESSION_STATUS.APP_DATA, handler) OnDataEvent, DataStatusEvent
Direct invocations – Diagnostics
Send a bug report to save on the server session.submitBugReport() submitBugReport BugReportStatusEvent
Save client logs on the server session.pushLogs() pushLogs \-
Enable debug logs for streaming session.startDebug() sessionDebug SessionDebugStatusEvent
Disable debug logs for streaming session.stopDebug() sessionDebug SessionDebugStatusEvent
Session events
Connection status session.on(SESSION_STATUS...., handler) ConnectionStatusEvent ConnectionStatusEvent
Registration status session.on(SESSION_STATUS...., handler) RegistrationStatusEvent RegistrationStatusEvent
Session debug status session.on(SESSION_STATUS.DEBUG, handler) SessionDebugStatusEvent SessionDebugStatusEvent
Stream events
Stream status stream.on(STREAM_STATUS....,handler) StreamStatusEvent StreamStatusEvent
Call events
Call status call.on(CALL_STATUS....,handler) CallStatusEvent CallStatusEvent
Other events
The event sent by the server to backend while publishing / playing the stream Not used by the client StreamKeepAliveEvent StreamKeepAliveEvent