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Websocket connections restriction by domain


Since build 5.2.792 it is possible to allow Websocket client connections by certain domain or domains list with the following parameter in file

There can be listed a number of domains and subdomains, they will be checked until the first match,,myotherdomaincom,

Mask ('*' character) is also supported, for example


The changes can be applied without restarting the server using CLI command

reload node-settings

Connection restriction from certain domains

Since build 5.2.971 it is possible to restrict Websocket connections from certain domains. For example, to forbid connections from one domain, but allow connections from all the other domains, set the restrictions list as follows


Using the setting on CDN node

When using this parameter on CDN node, the CDN IP address of this node should be set in this list. For example, if node CDN IP is


then this address should be added to allowed domains list